Sexual Revolution

Sex, Rock, controversy and plenty of in your face attitude? It’s just another day in the life for Ash Stymest & Eliza Cummings. Who could forget the brash young upstarts who exploded on the scene earlier this year with their own special brand of punk cool? If your memory needs refreshing check out their now infamous MDC special for a look into why their authentic insouciance is so coveted.

The dynamic duo now graces the cover of the March issue of Dazed and Confused with an image that is bound to set tongues wagging. Shot by Mariano Vivanco and styled by Nicola Formichetti the cover is a daring salute to non-conformity and is sure to fly off newsstands.

  1. how predictable!
    Select sells them as a pair, Dazed shoots them as a pair
    Nicola shoots a boy, his bum is out
    child porno meets predictable tit waxing shite!
    i’ve just been sick in my mouth

  2. I was JUSt expecting 4 THis MOMEnt, SINc I’v known them by a video from models, THEy already looked DIFeRENT, like young gotic IMAGES, and , in a pARTicular MODe, so SWeet, and NOW thye’re almost… burning.
    THat’s professional acting, waht MAkes me remenber RAQuel Zimmerman’s mode too.

  3. Dear Joy,

    While we don’t believe it’s child porn and they come from Europe which is much more relaxed about the naked body; I give you kudos for your poem 🙂

    Everybody thinks male models should look like Gabriel Aubry but I think it’s good that different body types are celebrated, like Ash.. He reminds me of all the skinny boys in my high school who didn’t develop the “manly man” physique yet.. Let him have his day!

    As for Eliza, she looks just beautiful!


  4. Isn’t this photo a little inappropriate? How old is Ash…he looks a lot younger than Eliza. Whom I just dont get….?! Can someone expalin how a girl who looks ummm older and a boy who looks ummm young young…look good simulating this act? Push the envelope daze, keep pushing.

  5. Joy’s comment actually made me laugh out loud….bravo bringing it home! i personally think it’s tabooesque-sexy…if thats a word. but i can understand people rolling their eyes.

  6. They’re not Omahyra and Boyd Holbrook. NO. I feel like their agencies are making them that new ‘oh so bad it couple’.

  7. europe doesn’t accept 17yrs old boys naked on any magazine’s cover, i live in london,i work in fashion… noone thinks this is cool, and definitely not groundbreaking!
    Eliza is cool but you met her, she is not beautiful
    Ash is amazing, and Eliza has him to thank for where she is. but instead, since they split up, she has (i am told) not stopped slagging him off publicly
    you guys have to get a bit more critical if you want to keep your reputation, criticism hurst nobody… Dazed needs a kick up the bum, and Nicola shouldn’t take credit as a stylist for rolled down pants and a couple of chains…

  8. They are everything but a It couple…I kinda miss Kelly Osborne and Luke Worhall, at least they had something more interesting than their Ass and Tits to sell…
    It’s just embarassing…this is not art, not even fashion.

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