1. omg Laetitia all the way! Im not even one of her crazy super fans but she delivers here!! totally! I am a sucker for face shots on covers as well. always most striking to me.

  2. ABBEY… looks like she’s from another planet amazing…
    Freja’s and Laetitia’s = boring and common!

  3. Vogue Paris cover is most fashionable and gives clear tendence and ideas/love that choice of winter pullover tailleur in summer on nude body /very stylish/complements for fashion editor/stylist
    Vogue Deutch
    Great choise of model..Abbey is for me perfect and she is my favourite model at the moment/

    Vogue Russia

    they point to Icons …
    her beauty is timeless and they will surely sell this issue!!!

    Bravo CONDE NAST

  4. Laetitia than Freja’s. everyone complains about mouths opens all the time from VS models, but look at Abbey? that is all she does. and I dont find her face pretty at all. Laetitia gets my vote than Freja’s. memorable. is abbey’;s a reprint? cuz if I didnt know better, it sure looks like one.

  5. I like Abbey, she’s pretty and a good model, but couldn’t she close her mouth for once?? It gets so boring after a while.

    Nice cover of Laetitia, looking good as always.

    My vote goes for Freja, this girl can pull off any look.

    Why Agyness Deyn still there?????? Not like Agyness, Coco still working..
    Oh come on, give me a break!

  7. Freja’s cover is the best for me compare to the other two thought I am tired of her appearing everywhere
    and looking at he comment above, coco out of the list, seriously? Then you might pull out those ones that doesn’t have any jobs out as well.


  8. I love Freja on this cover, so much better than the British Vogue.

    Abby’s is great too. Hard to pick.

  9. Abbey Lee Kershaw!!

    shes just gorgeous as always 😛
    everytime she brings something new, yet still holds her signature look.

  10. There is absolutely nothing special about any of these covers, all pretty standard. And I have to agree with Naomi and Lily, the Top 50 list is a bit of a joke, how can Abbey be Number 6 and Lily D only be Number 7 when Lily has had MORE campaigns, been working longer, walked more shows, and had at least 29 Vogue Covers, and yet mdc thinks she should only be ranked as Number 7?? And that’s only one example of how your rankings make no sense at all. Your list makes a mockery out of models.

  11. Freja’s!
    The hair on laeticia is horendous for a cover look and the abbey image is insane but not a cover….its a ctrong image and I love abbey but if I look at the three the one I want to pick up and look into is the French Vogue.
    …after all a cover should set a a statement and stop u….

    and its much better the the British Vogue…next out…thats so boring….

  12. Freja’s is the only decent one. The others are cheesy. What’s up with all the boring covers lately?

  13. Freja is an amazing model. The cover just wowed me. “Wow!”

    Freja is the Darling of the designers, a favorite Muse for Chanel and a Dream of top photographers…..

    But Who is she? I’ve seen her all the time but I don’t know much about her…..unlike Lara Stone, Kate Moss or Gisele….

    And puh-leaze, I did not know there’s a competition here between her and abbey lee. Are you guys joking? Its crystal clear who’s better…

    Freja for number 1.

  14. Freja, natural and looks healthy. I do not mean to be critical…Abbey looks amazing in this picture but I cannot help but also be stunned by how skinny she is? anyone? Vogue should not promote anorexia especially on their covers.

  15. Freja for sure! All the girls are beautiful, but Freja’s cover is definitely more interesting and would stand out on a newstand. The styling is good, and the blue background relly makes pop. Laetitia’s cover is super boring.

  16. Freja, of course, but miss her hair being long. I don’t care for this style. She doesn’t look as interesting. She needs to let it grow.

  17. @Oscar
    Freja is letting her hair grow. It was a lot shorter only one year ago.

    I love the cover btw!!!

  18. Freja everyday, all day 24/7 365!!!! Not just on this cover, but on anything. She is absolutely amazing…natural, innocently sexy, always.

  19. Freja is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!
    love her
    but i think uk vogue august is better than vogue paris august

  20. Abbey rocks on this picture but Freja is my favourite model….strong and great personnality

  21. Laetitia evokes an emotion! Definitely my favorite! Freja is okay, but to me it is just boring. And i am really starting to lose it for abbey lee i guess because in my opinion she just looks scary here.

  22. Freja and Paris Vogue. German and Russian editions are a bit down market. German Vogue looks like a jewelery catalog cover and Russian Vogue looks like a discount cosmetic brand advert.

  23. FREJA’s cover wins it. Cant believe they let Abbey Lee do German Vogue? I thought Abbey Lee was at a level that shouldn’t include German Vogue? Just my opinion as I think quality is better than quantity.

  24. If we’re talking about the cover, then freja’s. but in the beauty stakes Abbey Lee all the way. models.com may aswell bump her up to number 1 spot now just to save time in 2011, 2012, 2013 … when she climaxes!

  25. abbey then freja
    i dont like the other one!
    yeah why would abbey not do german vogue i actually have that vogue at home and it is amzing

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