Grey Gardens

Kristen McMenamy heads off a special fashion double header with appearances in two style bibles. First, the iconic Ms. McMenamy snags the cover of August’s Dazed & Confused, with a haunting shot by photog Tierney Gearon in upstate New York. Styled by Karen Langley, in clothes befitting the rustic theme, the story is another example of Dazed’s commitment to cool.

American Vogue takes Kristen in a completely different direction with a sleek editorial by David Sims; with her waist length silver hair and austere demeanor, she compliments the minimal designs from Fendi and Armani perfectly.

Image Credits | Dazed & Confused, Fashion Gone Rogue, Luxx @ tFS

  1. Tierney Gearon’s transition to fashion photography is commendable. Her work with her mother is exceptional, and in some ways, Kristen fits into this vein of work nicely.

    Can we talk about her PRESENCE for a second? Little girls, look at this. She owns it, each and every shot, no matter how stupid the pose, idea, styling, concept.. she has such a dynamic RANGE!

  2. WOW! I am not even a Kristen fan, but this is how its DONE little baby blank faces! take note!!!!!!! she is one phenomenal model! modeling is not all about pretty pretty look at me im a blow up doll. this is IT.

  3. I´ve never seen such a huge comeback by a supermodel since Linda in the 00´s. Kristen teamed with DNA and now i know that their relationship is going stronger and stronger! Vogua Italia cover? check! Big brand campaign? (Lanvin) check! Big cameo in fashion week? (Calvin Klein) check! Appearance in US Vogue pages? (august) check!

    She´s unstoppable, a living legend!

    young girls you better WORK!

  4. The problem with Kristen is she’s such a big persona that we celebrate her instead of the clothes she’s modelling.

  5. I prefer her bald or with very short hair because of her striking facial features. The gray is a bit too Lord of the Rings’ Gandalf for me.

  6. i simply adore her n i think she s one of the top 10 of all the times.. but those pix r simply bad lol

  7. Kristen please cut your hair short Ala….Nadja Auermman . I think it will look really good on you. I’m not liking the long hair……

    Team Linda Evangelista!

  8. Absolute Legend!!!

    Can do absolutely no wrong in my eyes.

    Rapidly overtaking Naomi as my favourite Super of all time!!!

  9. exactly! that is why the 90s mdoels were larger than life and actually famous people! we didnt focus on anything but them! they wore the clothes, the clothes didn’t wear them. now its a bunch of walking zombies looking all alike. (ok not all, I like many new models) but you know what I mean. they arent famous. Kristen really never was either, but more-so than alot of blank faces today, will probably ever be.

  10. In this issue of Dazed and Confused July 2010 there is a great right up on the master fashion photographer Barry Lategon. The man who found Twiggy iconic fashion model of the 1960s If you can remember the Sixtys.? He is a great man who I met a few years ago at the Wharf Arts centre Tavistock near Plymouth Devon UK, Barry was holding and exhibition.
    Baily the man was also theRe supporting the master. A great evening. and a day for me to remember.

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