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It isn’t even August, but we’ve already gotten a peak at the majority of fall campaigns, new ads just keep coming out of the woodwork and this week’s batch is especially eclectic. Moschino offers up a cowgirl themed ad with an over the top image of Alessandra Ambrosio shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. Celine repeats their successful formula of Juergen Teller portraits, enlisting Sigrid Agren and Emma Balfour to wear Phoebe Philo’s sleek designs. Tommy Hilfiger plays up the All American heritage of the brand with a roadtrip themed campaign shot by Craig McDean, starring Noah Mills, Iselin Steiro, Heloise Guerin, Jacquelyn Jablonski and a host of others. Last but certainly not least, JPG shows Crystal Renn, Emma Xie and Kelly Moreira looking phenomenal in pieces from his Russian themed collection.

  1. Russian themed, so why use boring models, and no Russians like Sasha P. who opened the show.
    She looked great in Kenzo with Lily, which you did not show (?????).
    The rest is decent but not great.

  2. Photoshop Disaster on gaultier ad… Look at the left girl’s hip! What were they thinking?!?!

  3. Why can’t we all just agree that Crystal Renn is not a plus size model? She would be no one if it weren’t for her odd size because while she is very beautiful, she’s nothing special.

  4. I’m glad to see Kelly nabbing a major campaign, but she is emoting ZERO in this picture. Crystal Renn, however, looks ravishing..

  5. Crystal Renn is KILLING it. Her body, her face is amazing. Maybe, she doesn’t exactly fit the size or look of what is labeled as a plus sized model, but she is an amazing model . Maybe we shouldn’t label models and separate them into different divisions.It’s 2010, a time where we should be more progressive and accepting of people, without the need to label and confine.

    Kelly Moreira has such lovely and distinct features, not shown in their best light in this ad, particularly her beautiful hair,but I guess a model must show versatility and range. I do however miss the days of Jean-Baptiste Mondino and JPG, they did such wonderful and inspiring work together.

    Also, anlabe, in regards to the casting, there are many examples of non-African, ethnic(read: BLACK) models in African/Ethnic themed ads.

    As to the other ads, so boring. Alessandra is beautiful, the clothes/styling, however are not.Celine, I understand the use of Juergen Teller is to the show the clothes without pretense. However, a better choice of model would have countered the harshness of the photos. I would have chosen Kristen McMennamy, a model who looks like she would/could buy Celine, not some high schoolgirl or an model with a more grunge rather sophisticate look.

    Tommy Hilfiger, honestly, is dying (possibly already dead) brand. The ads are interchangeable with any of their previous ads. The clothes are the same as any “Americana” brand be it Ralph Lauren, Micheal Kors, Nautica (another dying brand),etc. Tommy Hilfiger, at its height was brand with a urban twist on preppy sportswear, now there is nothing that differentiates it from Eddie Bauer, another “Americana” brand, with much cheaper prices.

  6. The money girls rank needs a MAJOR update!!! Some girls need to be removed.. for example Gemma come on! and Alessandra needs to be higher,she’s been rocking the past seasons, it’s not fair.. come on you’re!!!, update it please! 🙁

  7. MissB I think you are wrong about Crystal, she was a plus model for a long time – it is only this year that she has lost a little weight. She’s still very differently proportioned when compared to the top girls like Natasha, Raquel, Sasha, etc. The JPG ad airbrushes her to look thinner, but she’s still not model thin.

    Besides all that she is a great model, she gives energy in all her pictures and is a long time favorite of JPG. Makes sense that she is in this campaign!

    There is another girl in it too in the other shots from this.

  8. Like betty white for SNL, lets petition for Crystal to be in this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!

    I think its grand!

  9. Jean Paul Gaultier’s ad is just awesome finally someone is bringing the color and fun back to this industry, i don’t know why but i always seem to like Celine’s ads, Tommy Hilfiger is exactly what i picture when i think of Tommy Hilfiger classic and beautiful,Moschino chose the perfect model this season because there is no hotter then Alessandra but i don’t know i just dont like the styling it feels like pirates of the carribean to me.

  10. It amazes me at just how much energy crystal exudes in all of her pictures. just recently I’ve become entranced by her so is good.

  11. I’m not fond of Alessandra, don’t think she’s a special model and the styling for that ad is tacky. I agree with James about Tommy Hilfiger; it’s bland and nondescript. I also agree with most of his points about the Gaultier adverts. it’s great to see real diversity in campaigns and genuinely this it’s a great campaign style wise and as a whole.
    I love Gaultier for actually putting them in the ad and just on the runway unlike most the house lauded for changing direction in body image. I think it’s fine if crystal loses weight as long as she doesn’t become a skeletal one normally sees on the catwalk.
    As for the Celine ad, I may be in a minority but I like the ad, I don’t mind seeing the same photography again (I do hope they change it next season though) but I think having an older woman and a young woman (I like Sigrid)show it’s timelessness and versatility and although unaware of Emma Balfour until now her look )and now just indifferent) it does fits with the house 90’s influenced pared down cool look.

  12. Iselin Steiro is one of the Top 10 skilled editorial poser of all time…..the girl knows how to make a pose , where your eyes will only drawn to her. in a pack of supermodels, she always stands out.

    Kelly has a dead look in her face……

  13. The asian girl in the Jean Paul Gaultier AD is Emma Xie who’s a chinese model,and I think the resemblance between she and Ping hue confused the Moderators of TFS ,but now someone had confirmed with Emma Xie and notified to TFS. could you pls correct it too?

  14. @peter^: someone should start a facebook group campaign to get Crystal on the Victoria’s secret line up.

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