Ryan’s Hope

Admit it, campaigns can get a little boring every now and then. The same stock poses, settings, concepts – things can seem slightly redundant which is precisely why a fresh view stands out so much. Ryan McGinley is known for his photographic work as an artist but he has been steadily increasing his presence on the fashion scene. For Stella McCartney’s S/S campaign McGinley creates a fantastical water colored world featuring Kate Moss. McGinley himself is no stranger to the campaign scene, he’s also doing duty as this season’s Marc Jacobs face.

Kate Moss for Stella McCartney S/S 09. Ph: Ryan McGinley, watercolors by Dinos Chapman (art direction by Chris Simmonds/Partner and Partner)

Ryan McGinley by Juergen Teller

  1. I also agree his photo is better than Kate’s. She usually is much more natural in her shots but this is posey/repetitive. I like the watercolors but that’s it.

  2. the macartney ad is totally a m/m ripoff. amazing she god rid of them to do such a blatant copy. mcginley is overated and sold out. i mean he was already in a gap ad. yuk

  3. The fact that Ryan Mcginley shot the Stella ad is extremely disappointing.

    His photography requires little to no effort on his part.

    I guess that makes sense for this ad though, seeing that over half of the ad is super-imposed with illustration.

    Just another way Ryan McGinley has passed off his lazy snapshots as art.

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