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Andrej by Richard Stow for Martyn Bal F/W 10

How great is that title by Frockwriter about hot boy of the moment, Andrej Pejic? Raise your hand if you asked yourself who was the girl at the S/S 11 men’s shows? Though only walking in 4 of the top ones (Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano, Raf Simons and Paul Smith) and not a brand new face, Andrej’s recent blue chip bookings has put him on the modeling map at lightening speed. His striking looks certainly challenge the “normal” ideals of  masculine beauty but read how Andrej is arriving at the perfect time for androgyny. Also, check out how the blogosphere is lighting up over this young man.

Andrej in John Galliano S/S 11, June 2010, Paris. Image from

Haven’t heard about the Carine Roitfeld biography yet? Yep, it’s coming.

See, we told you, Riccardo Tisci‘s Givenchy HC is a huge hit with the fashion critics.

Love Acne Paper? Us too. Watch the cool process of printing the actual magazine.

So for all you fashion and Lady Gaga fans, stylist Nicola Formichetti‘s Facebook page is finally up! Join here and become a fan.

So the new Celine campaign is out by Juergen Teller. On the one hand it features the normal young and beautiful face (Sigrid Agren) that we’ve come to expect from the high fashion campaigns. On the other side is 90’s superstar Emma Balfour who we adore but is definitely no longer the nubile face she was. Do you think this juxtaposition works or not here ?

Rising young photographers, here’s a practical guide to do’s and don’ts on a photoshoot. Remember it’s as much about being professional and easy to work with as about your talent. The days of diva-hood are loooong gone.

  1. WOW. I’m really curious to see how Andrej progresses in the biz. Very interesting.

    Regarding Celine’s new campaign shot by Juergen Teller — first of all, I haven’t been a Teller fan in years, when I thought his A/W 95 Strenesse campaign with Linda Evangelista was phenomenal. But all this recent stuff looks the same to me, whether it’s Marc Jacobs or YSL. They look more like candid blog shots. Maybe that’s what some clients are looking for these days but all it does is make me want to turn the page as quickly as possible. Balfour looks much too harsh, but I place blame on Teller and even more blame on Celine for authorizing this shot to be published. It looks depressing. A smiling shot would have been much more appealing!

  2. I’m just in complete awe. It’s as if someone put a woman’s face on a man’s body. WOW.

  3. I was wondering who this guy was. I originally thought he was a transvestite. Love how almost every show he was in he wore the same look, tank top and underwear.

  4. wow great face! yet, i think his more feminine facial structure would be even more striking if he lost the blonde locks. with a shorter doo, there would be even more of a juxtaposition to him which, as mentioned above clients seem to love. the androgynous grooming/styling definitely suits him yet, after a season or two might pigeon hole him. hopefully his agents gauge when to lose the look once the novelty of his ambiguity has worn off.

  5. WOW. The muscle tone in the second image and harder look in face is telling, but not enough, I was fooled as well, I saved “the hottest model” here in this issue to comment on, and he sure is! Amazing!

  6. Hmm, there is a limit between girly and too girly for me. And (s)he is definitely too girly for me!

  7. No ! No! Come on… That’s enough !
    What happened to men? I suggest women start showing men’s clothes and that’s it…

  8. Who cares if he’s gay, he is awesome! His feminine features would lend well to a hot editorial with a feminine blonde (Hannah H or Natalie H). Fem/Fem, Mick/Bianca-HOT

  9. That’s really messed up !
    A beautiful man? What’s masculine about “him”?
    I agree with Ashley..
    “He” should be put on the women’s board…
    David Gandy, Noah Mills, Evandro Soldati, Sean O’Pry… Those are beautiful men.. This is not a man. Probably in a couple of years, there will be no “male” models around…

  10. If he looks SO MUCH like a female, why not just put him in the Women’s board like Emma said. I think he is too beautiful to be a “male” model. They have taken it too far with making male models feminine. This looks ridiculous.

  11. even if he looks like a woman, he is still a man. Not sure what gender he identifies as but it’s kind of disrespectful, no matter how he looks; he is still a man to be put on the man’s board or w/e.. he is a great MALE model, can look completely male or female; I think it’s awesome. and Emma, yes this IS a man.. just because he doesn’t look all manly and shit doesn’t mean he isn’t. don’t think they’re ‘making’ male models feminine; they just are. not all of them are, it depends whos the model uhh..
    I guess you think that girls should look and act this way and boys should look and act this way.. yada yada it’s all very restrictive to each individual personal

    [and I’m kinda interested in knowing if he’s gay or not, just curious. it doesn’t matter either way, he looks amazing]

  12. Wow I am now a fan of him! What an incredible mix of (very clear) male muscle tone and androgynous features. I agree with xander, I would love to see him with shorter hair; would make for a fabulous shot or two!

  13. Too feminie for me. He should cut his hair. Indubitably a most handsome man; but should avoid playing at fooling people as a girl. Is it a game? Thanks, Claude

  14. Too feminine for me. He should cut his hair. Indubitably a most handsome man; but should avoid playing at fooling people as a girl. Is it a game? Thanks, Claude

  15. Replies to Kat : No, he’s not Gay. He’s just feminine that way. He may not straight with an exception of bromance and a little touch of bisexuality.

    In an interview, he told the journalist,

    “I am attracted to both, I guess….”


  16. Love it! Almost a year later, and he’s still making waves in the world of fashion… and has an epic fandom….

    Keep it up Andrej!

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