1. As amazingly beautiful as she is, and even though the new cut does look great, I’m curious to know why her agency felt the need to cut off most of her hair so suddenly. Her long wavy boho chic hair went so well with her nose ring and overall aesthetic – now she has such a blunt and typical ‘models cut’ :-\

  2. Abbey better catch up with her “momentum” before, or else she will be yesterday’s news….

  3. At first, I thought I was looking at an overly photoshopped/plasticized-skinned Kate Moss, but it turns out to be Abbey Lee Kershaw. Just goes to show you — whether you’re 40 or 20, younger or older, just about EVERYONE gets the Photoshop treatment these days. Unless you’re on the cover of W Magazine, which is quite refreshing!

    That said, I do love these photos. Hedi and Abbey are both good!

  4. I like the pictures but I just don’t really like the new hair cut . I feel like her old hair was exactly her type and style ..
    oh well ,but I still love her . her face is unique

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