Bits and Bytes: No to 8

Remember Alex Beck, male face of Prada for a number of seasons? He’s a photographer as well and Women Models love his work. Go to his gallery showing tonight!

Karl, Marc and Yves on TV!

Up and coming photographer Chadwick Tyler‘s first exhibit!

The legendary Veruschka shows off her book.

Linda Evangelista shares her makeup tips

Fabien Baron and Karl Templer gone from Interview? We are sad, it’s the best Interview has looked in a long time.

Myf Shepard, new rising face talks to Ponyryder!

Women Management takes a look back at their models on Numero‘s covers, including number 100 out right now with Toni Garrn.

We know photographers get copied all the time but this is just too much… Check out Mark Seliger’s photos and their direct ripoffs.

In support of “No to Prop 8”, JD Ferguson shoots a story for Paper Magazine, cast by Development. Prop 8 is the bill making same sex marriage illegal in California. I wholeheartedly believe that who you want to marry is up to you, not the government!

Models for story, No H8. Ph: JD Ferguson, casting by Development/Douglas Perrett, styled by Timothy Reukaf

Check out Alex Beck’s exhibit tonight in Soho.

  1. Love the Milk homage for Paper Magazine…and it’s always a treat for to keep us posted on fashion’s legends, Linda and Veruschka! Thank you so much!

  2. People should be able to marry whoever they like! But that picture does not convey the emotion and love that can exist between two men, which is what i think people need to see. It just looks like two pretty models posing. Hope the rest of the editorial does.

  3. who said the prop 8 story was about the love that can exist between two men?? its about equality. did you even read it?

  4. No, Jamal, I did not read it. As much as I would love to read everything or comb through all that comes across my desk or in my email, I just cannot. I was given this information and know the general background for Prop 8 and know so many of the industry people who do not support it. So if it’s about equality, then thank you for letting me know.. Just cause I posted 2 men, doesn’t mean it’s only about 2 men, it could be about 2 women too. It obviously is about equality but the media and the people focus on this aspect, the same sex marriage as the big sticking point. That’s the visual I ended up using and I think it illustrates it well.


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