High Concept

The sleek and starkly modern collection presented for Jil Sander S/S has found its photographic counterpoint via Willy Vanderparre‘s distinctive campaign. Natasha Poly, in her second season as face of the brand is joined by Doug Jewell for a series of high contrast images. Both models infuse the pictures with an unadorned refinement befitting both the simple black and white style of the campaign and the minimalist ethos of Sander itself.

Natasha Poly & Doug Jewell by Willy Vanderparre for Jil Sander

  1. yes, previous campaign were better even though from artistic side these one is concuring all of them. i guess i liked the most those with j.stickland or year after…

  2. A touch of “2001 – A Space Odyssey” and Natasha Poly as Dr. Elena in it. Clear and science-fiction-alike.

  3. i love the campaign, i feeling the shadowing on the body/face in contrast to the garments.. that and Natasha is seriously the best.

  4. The purism is stunning! The play on chiaroscuro is quite dynamic. If you can’t see the clothing… !
    Amateur? It takes a substantial level of knowledge to pull this off.
    High Concept indeed.

  5. excuse me! THIS IS SUPERB! OKAY!

    please! some of you just dont even know how to appreciate the art of fashion photography! 😉

    and its not EASY to make the light setup and everything! dont just judge cuz you dont know what happend behind the scene! 😉

    i think this is such a great styling and love the concept! 😉

  6. I LOOOOOOVE this campaign… finally an ad that doesn’t use the MODELS as a selling point… but the craftmanship of the clothes… I’ve always love Jil Sander… but this is the kinda of SILENT CHAOS that i admire… the images are so quiet, but chaotic at the same time… GREAT JOB!!! *and FINALLY, no more naked models or half-dressed models…

  7. Why did you delete my comment?

    Just because I hated this so bad doesn’t mean I do not understand fashion, or fashion photography for this matter.

    Just because my comment is negative doesn’t mean it does not count.

    Just because I hate this campaign doesn’t mean I hate Jil Sander. He’s one of my favorite designers and I really love his style.

  8. Jil Sander needs to pump up his ads a bit.

    The first one is creepy. I cant even see the clothes.

    Not impressed

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