1. Ohhh my!! What was the question? Oh yeah, the first one is pretty steamy. Took a minute to pick my jaw up.

  2. Really hot! Jon will always be my favourite, love his cheekbones. But I can’t saw his piercing stare on this picture. He is the most sensual!

  3. Oriol and Antonio = Holy WOW!
    Oriol’s posterior is rather superb! So architecturally sound..so manly, so very embraceable. David of Florence, please exit stage left – there’s a new man gunning for slot 1

    *Moment of fandom*

    Oriol…marry me..please!!

  4. V is hot!! Can’t wait to get my hands and eyes on this issue.

    Jon is the best but Oriol has the perfect back. He is the man can always turn his back on me….naked, of course:)

  5. in this editorial there is still missing few other spanish boys like joan pedrola and river viiperi, my favorite spanis young couple!

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