1. Gorgeous, classic shoot. Would have been even better if Roversi still had access to his polaroid film, but it seems his digital means are getting a bit closer to the look he wants. Well cast, well styled. Simply beautiful. Referential but not overly so.

  2. I think Kirsi has huge potential, but she doesn’t quite know how to model yet. The poses feel too set up, like someone put her in these positions. I am not trying to be negative, I think she is gorgeous, but she is just relying on pretty at the moment.

  3. “Off-topic : Could You please give Suvi some credit for the Elle France cover?”

    1st it’s Elle and for 2nd it doesn’t look good.

  4. one of the most serene and arty editorials i’ve seen in a long time… great job… absolutely LOVE her face!!!

  5. Kirsi has it. but it remains to be seen if she has staying power to last, at this point.

  6. I don’t know…I’m much more impressed with Paolo Roversi’s composition and photo texture than I am with Kirsi Pyrhonen. She’s pretty and all, but she’s got basically one look going on here.

  7. k: “…but she’s got basically one look going on here”. Indeed. Take a look at Roversi’s jobs here at models.com. You’ll find his way quite static, and models has one face. Maybe different angles, but still one face. That’s the style.

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