Men In Black

With two simple and effective shots Robbie Fimmano and Karl Templer sum up both sides of Dolce & Gabbana’s iconic mens collections; on one hand you have the old world Italian influences and on the other the debonair and modern luxury. The crisp images featuring Paolo Anchisi, Tyler Riggs, Berthold Rothas, Yuri Pleskun, Clement Chabernaud, Francisco Lachowski, Simon Nessman, Marcel Castenmiller, Max Motta, Michael Wozniak, Taylor Fuchs, Brad Alphonso, Niels Raabe, Mathias Bergh, Ian O’Brien, Laurent Albucher, Matthew Coatsworth, Brett Reeves, Mark Cox and Rodrigo Calazans are the perfect tribute to Dolce’s 20 years of menswear.

  1. They should just use female models for men’s ads, male models are so boring! (some of them are hot, but boring, though there’s always the rare exception)

  2. DandG’s inspiration always from SICILIA.None of all these models look like an italian south medditrnan MAN.They look like a german–dutch north european kids.Hell yes!!!!!!WHERE IS THIS TANNED FACE WHERE IS THE SICILIAN BLACK BEARED BODY WHERE IS THE LATINO FACCA??????????????????????????????

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