1. While I can appreciate everything that was put into creating this story, I feel everything looks so plain.

  2. i feel like the black and white pictures just don’t fit in with the other pictures because they are so colorful, but i like it overall except for the cover, i don’t think is a good cover

  3. Plain? Its sensual…simple and one of the most beautiful shoots Ellen has done this year…the nude is iconic….

  4. Oh this is great! Finally Dioni gets some attention. Great face, great body. I didn’t know she had SUCH a great body.

  5. Another great collaboration between Ellen and Dioni.
    Ellen likes to play with Dioni perfect body.

  6. At first glance, I thought the face was Tanya D, my fave model. This model ain’t bad, just glad it’s not Tanya. (she’s not of age to do this yet)

  7. I like the cover but not at all the other pictures. They are boring. There is nothing new or inspiring, only nudity and sex. I just don’t know why almost every editorial (or it feels like that) has to contain photos with bare breasts. Okay I have seen it now and I know what it looks like.
    In combination with a cigarette, nudity makes great pictures or what do they think?
    Ages ago, women were not allowed to show their naked body in public. Feminism isn’t a bad thing but you don’t have overdo it by catching up for everything women could have done some time.
    This really bothers me because I used to buy Vogue etc to see beautiful and outstanding pictures. Now it’s almost weird to see a model with clothes.
    Is there anybody who feels the same way I do?

  8. wow thought it was Tanya D at first too! never was a Dioni fan before but she loooks so good with dark hair! (even if im a blonde fan myself) kudos!

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