The Softer Side

Freja Beha Erichsen, proves she can do more than cool nonchalance with a fresh faced turn on the cover of Vogue UK. Sporting the very popular golden Miu Miu mini (bonus points if you can tell us which other fashion cover this dress was just seen on) and a great big smile, Freja looks sweet and completely deserving of the “fashion’s coolest covergirl” title. Fear not fans of the Freja’s edgier side; the Danish beauty is featured in a suitably offbeat editorial by Josh Olins inside the issue.

  1. Don’t get me wrong– I’m all about a model being on the cover of a major fashion magazine. While I can appreciate what Freja brings to fashion, editorial and runway, (and has for many years, talk about longevity!) I don’t see her as the right girl for a UK Vogue cover. This particular cover, especially, has a disconnect between her expression, hair, makeup, styling and photography– she just isn’t the girl to book for this kind of fresh-cum-sexy summer look.

    If this photo was in any other venue it would been seen as sub-standard, but because it is on the cover of Vogue it is seemed as good.. go figure.

  2. I am in love with this side of her.
    It’s great to see that she finally gets the chance to show her diversatility!

  3. Wow. What a face! I’m not a big Freja fan usually, but this cover – her expression, her intelligent look – is just fantastic.

  4. She looks like she is about 35 on the cover, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Their is warmth and meaning behind her eyes in this shot. Its like she has a story to tell. (Didn’t mean to get all Dr. Phil on ya) 🙂

  5. For those who don’t like it, I guess that’s exactly the point, making this very cool, edgy, tomboyish girl look soft and “classically pretty”. Those who aren’t familiar with Freja’s work would never guess she’s known for her edgy photographs.

  6. i love the cover, and i’m loving the styling can’t wait to see more of this editorial.

  7. British Vogue always do this, one month, an actor/singer/presenter and the next a model.

    this year (including the december issue) it has literally gone:

    Dec: Lara Stone model
    Jan: Rachel Weisz actress
    Feb: Natalia Vodianova model
    March: Alexa Chung presenter
    April: Kate Moss model
    May: Gwyenth Paldrow actress
    June: Angela Lindvall model
    July: Cameron Diaz actress

    and now for august freja!

    British Elle has only used actresses for the past year !!!

  8. I love how Freja is showing her elegant and delicate side in the editorial, but the cover is just not flattering at all, there is just something weird about how her face are presented on the cover, it’s like she aged up more than 10 years, and it somehow makes me not want to look at the cover.
    I much prefer the editorial than the cover..

  9. I like Freja of her young fresh face but she look old on this cover. She looks like Diane Lane has been photoshoped. Don’t you think so?

  10. Fans forgive me but I’ve never understood the allure of Freja. She’s so very plain to me…

  11. I think people are just weird out because we never seen Freja do anything like this. UK Vogue wanted to give us something different and they did a great job!

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