The Boys Are Back…

The resurgence of the supermodel isn’t just for the ladies, now more than ever companies are going back to their tried and true favorite male models. Familiar faces like Jamie Dornan, Oriol Elcacho and Steve Gold are snagging major campaign space, appearing in ads for the likes of Armani, Iceberg and Bally. While new faces dominate the catwalks of Milan and Paris the good old boys are front and center in campaigns. When the stakes are as high as they are now the industry relies on proven talents to push product – nothing beats a face you can trust.

Jamie Dornan for Giorgio Armani, Steve Gold for Iceberg & Oriol Elcacho for Bally

  1. I´ve talked to some friends lately and we were discussing about the term “male supermodel”, if it ever existed or not!
    Maybe the guys will never have the same public recognition as Linda and the others; but what we both agreed is that having guys like Tyson Beckford and Alex Lundqvist is expectacular. We´ve watched them on TV, we hoped they´d get booked for good campaigns and they did, and now they have reached a status that im not sure if i would call super-something. Having them around is superb although ive not seen their faces on ads that often! Where are my favorites ’90s boys like Mike Campbell and Jason Fedele?? I wish they would make a comeback like the good never old ladies!

  2. You’re all so young.
    Bruce Hulse. Michael Ives. Todd Irwin.
    Bill Curry. Nick Constantino. Scott Benoit. Tommy Preston, Jeff Aquilon.
    Male supermodels have been around a long time.
    (and so have the agents that booked them). 🙂

  3. but then, we hardly see them in any big campaigns.. dont you think? most of the time, i just see mostly girls.. they must support the mens too! 😛

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