1. This is not fashionable or sexy. It’s politically correct porn. And if Crystal Renn is plus size I am a monkey’s earlobe. Ridiculous.

  2. The models are stunningly beautiful,however it’s frustrating to see so much nudity in todays editorials.The message being sent to young people seems to be “must do nude or u get nothing in Fashion”.What happened to using ones imagination?Fashion is getting too raunchy,lets get back to basics photographers and stylists please…

  3. Even though shes done VS I’ve never thought Julia Stegner was sexy. This is a good picture though. Edita looks so Amazing! Good Lord!

  4. I’m glad to see Julia back in editorials. Edita looks amazing as usual, she’s up there for the sexist model competition. I would love to see crystal star in a high fashion ad. That would be a clear sign of curvy models being back in fashion.

  5. Politics aside..right. JULIA!!!

    I’ve missed her so, beside the Maybelline.
    Great to see her. I will truly melt if she sets a steady foot back on the runway.

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