1. What a beautiful woman!! My gut was telling me Supermodel for July VI (Eva 09, and Linda in 08), but I am plesantly surprised that Christy got it. If it is an All-Christy issue, EVEN BETTER. I like this sort of beauty shot, and the angle. Does in fact feel very vintage, like Avedon circa 1965. Love the green too.

  2. she is still so beautiful and really doesnt look much different from how she did in the 90s. so happy she is still rockin the VI covers. love how simple and classic this is. gorgeous!

  3. Clean but still intriguing and I love how Meisel went with the past superstars root over the last issues. Not just on the cover but in the editorial too. But anyway the thing that I’m most looking forward to Vogue Italia these days is…the ANTM Cycle 15 winner cover. Until now, I still find that new hard to believe. My condolences to Vogue Italia

  4. OMG my favourite model of all time! i didnt even recognise her…only thing i noticed was that she has a distinct nose!

  5. my pockets will be empty by september starting now with this amazing VI featuring Christy.

  6. Christy is a LEGEND…deer in head lights my ass. @ Peter Its CALLED A SUPERMODEL!! and we don’t have any with these ugly ducklings they call supermodels today. only a hand picked deserve this title.

  7. christy is a meisel muse and VI favorite for years. this is no surprise. I love the simplcity and vintage feel to the cover (simple covers are always my personl favorites) retro yes. modern. yes. because christy has a kind of beauty that can model any era. timeless…she doesnt look so 90s as some others. she can and did do 40s,50s,60s pixie,70s,80s,90 and apparently still doing modern quite well if you ask me.

  8. Wow!! she never aged. what a classic face.
    Why VI always have the vintage/old look cover?
    They look like old magazines.

  9. She’s the greatest and to have her reunited with Steven is a dream but I do understand what an earlier commenter means by deer caught in the headlights expression. It’s a bit of a sad expression too.

  10. I don’t see the modern part…

    happy 4th of July and happy 27th birthday to Isabeli Fontana.

  11. Not a great cover. I think it looks boring and Christy a bit old. She can look WAY more dynamic & beatiful than this.

  12. She looks present to me..
    And quite sensational at that!
    She’s in such fantastic shape.
    I like her more now in this moment that ever before, same with Eva. They are really turning it out.

  13. Actually, her nose has always been like that, it’s perfect!

    but her most recognizable features are her perfectly arched brows are not fully showcased here, which made the shoot less stellar…..

    Those brows made her career.

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