1. wow…who thought Terry could do anything other than a harsh on-camera flash shot? I like!

  2. Freja and Anja are without a doubt, the best clotheshanger in the editorial world. They make every clothes come alive.

  3. T-Bone strikes again! People tend to forget that he’s perfectly capable of turning out beautifully crafted photos with ease. These may not get as much publicity as his harsher work, but it’s always evident that he’s an incredibly talented photographer with an amazing eye for beauty and fashion.

  4. I must say. I DO like Mr. Richardson. AND ITS FREKKIN FREJA!!! She is on fire this season, as someone said, ‘It’s like she’s made a comeback, without going anywhere. I know she is going to ‘kill it’ come the September issues. (Still waiting on that VP cover Carine. :-))

  5. Nice work. Definitely has that 70s feel, and if Klute hadn’t been mentioned, I would’ve easily guessed it. The last shot wasn’t so great but the others make the editorial simply beautiful.

  6. I don’t like freja (look) and I don’t don’t like this editorial. The concept’s cool but freja has the same lazy open expression in each shot.

  7. Am I the only one who noticed “the bag”? who made those? Love the feathers. The bag is do sensational it was featured in almost all the shots!

  8. freja ROCKS it here.

    phenomenal job by terry too. perfect timing for him. perhaps the controversy that’s surrounded him recently will push his work upwards after all…

  9. I do like this editorial. Freja looks so cool but hot at the same time. Don’t get the last photo, lost!!1

  10. wow – great pictorial – really captured the look and feel of the era. very believable if you suspend your left brain picking over the modern accessories, etc and just play.
    Klute – what a weird name for a movie – as i recall, it wasn’t the greatest flick imo

  11. it kinda seems that Terry is trying to redeem himself after all the bad press recently with this last two eds. ahaa!

  12. Freja will always be my favourite. Those cheekbones, those eyes. Such a handsome and rich beauty. I wish there were more shots!

  13. I love and adored and worship Terry Richardson for delivering images like this. I am impressed. I think he pushes the envelope, just edgy fun. And wowza, this editorial takes the cake, not only is the model stunningly beautiful in her Klute shag and skirt, but the 70s are painstakingly recreated for your pleasure. I just think it’s beautiful. Sometimes fashion is so rote, this is original and very, very, very pretty!

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