Bits and Bytes: Jethro Cave

Why are there no black male supermodels? The Imagist examines the case.

V Magazine‘s Christopher Bartley talks to Supreme.

You know Greg Kessler who does ALL the backstage pics? See his interview here. (BTW, he’s looking very Terry Richardson-ish in the pic).

For a walk down memory lane, check out Vogue Italia 1988 with Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, etc.

Video- Behind the scenes with Madonna and Marc Jacobs for the Louis Vuitton shoot

Video- cK1 fragrance commercial! And check out their website for cast info, etc!

Let’s be like Michelle Obama. Just like people like to buy local foods, local fashion talent is the way to go.

There is life after being a model agent…. check out former Elite agent Richard Wheeler and his clothing line ENC tees. You might remember the infamous “Please don’t feed the models” tshirt.

We love David Cunningham from IMG. Apparently L’Uomo Vogue does too!

Gisele Bundchen is NOT engaged, the final word (for now)

How well do you know your models? IMG has a quiz for you.

So sad. Take 2 Models, after 27 years closes. We’ll miss you Gabriella and Melissa….

There’s a new guy in town and he reminds us of of our 80’s high school hair. See Jethro Cave by Hedi Slimane in an exclusive shoot for Hedi and Dazed Digital, on Nicola Formichetti’s blog. (Cave is the son of Nick Cave)

Jethro Cave/Beatrice Models, BANANAS. Ph: Hedi Slimane, styling Nicola Formichetti. See more pics here. Coming soon, exclusive backstage pics of him at Costume National!

  1. as much as i worship Hedi’s and Nicola’s talents, these pictures do nothing for me but make me want to buy the boy some haircare products and tell the retouchers that double chin still ain’t En Vogue.

  2. i love this editorial!!!
    i think jethro is interesting looking, the fashion is killer and photography spot on!!!

  3. crazy lunatic,… I get it.

    the styling could have been toned down just the tiniest bit. as much as I love Heidi, I’m a bit let down here. Someone MUCH prettier should have done this editorial. Sorry jethro, I’m sure you’re special in other ways.

  4. as i was going through the pictures each one got worse and worse…way too much for a dude. The styling, the make up, and the poses…it was all just too woman like.

  5. @joyridejaunt …cccc…quasi famous musician father?!…you sad it all with this statement…you obviously don’t know music accept madonna and sad…so one sided…

    as suppose Jethro…whatever.

  6. Actually Christobal, what is sad is that you seem to have confused my comment on Nick Cave’s fame, which is clearly not in the league of Madonna or Beyonce with an assesment of his quality as a musician…neither of which entitle his average looking son to a career as a succesful male model.

  7. I have to say that this isn’t the most flattering picture of Jethro, but I do find that he is interesting to look at which I believe is what makes him so in demand.

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