Seasonal Luxuries

Each fashion house has a different vision of luxury and nowhere is it more evident than in their fall / winter ad campaigns. For Armani, the season’s look is all about elegance and classic refinement, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott‘s image of Edita Vilkeviciute in scarlet is the perfect representation of that.

YSL offers another take on refinement with its cool Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin helmed campaign featuring Daria Werbowy. Sporting a jet black bob and lots of eyeliner, Daria looks oh so chic and slightly mod.

Dior offers up the wildest variant of luxe with Karlie Kloss looking positively bohemian in a shot by Steven Meisel, the wild hair and eclectic ensemble look incredible on Karlie and capture the spirit of Galliano’s spirited collection.

Which ad is your favorite? Let us know!

  1. Love the Dior campaign! I am not a big Karlie fan, but this is so much better than last season in my opinion. I like the Armani ad, but the black and white campaigns are their signature; however, I am happy Edita snagged a campaign this season. Daria is one of my favorite models of all time, but this campaign bores me, and I don’t think it is her fault. The fall YSL 2010 collection was really crappy. I mean, doesn’t that necklace look like something you would find out of a cheesy gift shop?

  2. The Armani one and the Dior one looked to imposed.
    I personally prefer the Yves Saint Laurent campaign much more. It looks so natural and effortless. I love it!

  3. I love the Armani ad. Edita looks beautiful, Armani ads look better with gorgeous women in them than little girls.

  4. All three campaigns here are perfection. Edita is flawless. Karlie is serving it, but my favorite is Daria for YSL.


  5. armnani. ysl no thanks. dior – love kloss but i need to see a different photo from this campaign this one isn;t giving me that fuzzy feeling.

  6. Edita is gorgeus in ARMANI ad.

    I dont like the YSL ad.

    Love the DIOR Karlie is rially the new muse of Galliano.

    Edita looks so out of this world beautiful!
    Karlie strikes again in the Dior ad, love her stare.
    YSL does nothing for me. Daria, Natalia, it’s all so boring, please choose a newer model. Daria becomes boring.

  8. Karlie for Dior. The best cast for Dior after Gisele.
    Daria looks stunning but not liking the black and white YSL.
    Armani is classice and safe like the old ones.

  9. love Edita, but looks really boring for me. Daria for YSL is my favorite out of these. so classic

  10. Karlie Kloss. From hair to toe modeling …… And her killer stare is lethal.

    Edita is pristine……looking like a young linda evangelista/milla javovich.

    Is that daria? My goodness I thought its Snejana Onopka….nice but no ooommmph factor like karlie kloss. I probably flip through the pages.

    Karlie’s Dior ad will definitely stop me and gawk!

  11. Dior is the best karlie fits the hobo type of clothes, ysl is just okay is just another black and white photo, and i’m just waiting to see more from armani

  12. OMG DIOR the best Campaign of the season – Karlie , Meisel and John a perfect fashion marriage , Dior is the most expensive by far

  13. @ Yu Hang, unfortunately, but Versace is Iselin, Anna Selezneva and Valerija Kelava :S
    Bad cast.

  14. I was really expecting Daria for YSL to be the best but it’s actually the worst fo the three. I think Dior wins in terms of sheer visual impact. But Armani is in a different league…it’s effortlessly elegant.

  15. Dior has definitely lost the high fashion status to me. It looks like more of a avant garde designer, which that’s what he is, but that’s not what the house was about. It’s cheap to me now. On the other hand, YSL has that feel that it never lost it’s epitome of high fashion, altho the styling could’ve been better. Oh Daria, you are maybe the last supermodel standing in my opinion. I’m not a Karlie fan. Blah…

  16. Oscar, I think you’re wrong. you’re looking at it from an old lady’s perspective (sorry old lady!). The world is changing, and you need to attract the young demographic, at the end of the day it’s still a business. The DIOR campaign is not cheap. It looks young, vibrant and fresh with so much energy while maintaining the luxe brand, thanks to karlie!

    YSL, although truly high fashion, fails to excite……..something was lacking. They could just put a mannequin in there.

  17. I can see young debutants, young hollywood, heiress and trust fund kids or rich russian kids wants to get the Dior look!


  18. Dior is boring, last season’s were so good and now this…

    Armani is very elegant and YSL with Daria is just perfect. Daria is truly a perfect model, she can recreate any mood.

  19. Oh my, Dior is so BORING… I think Karlie is an excellent model, but couldn’t Galliano pick another one? This is getting repetitive… And the pic is doing nothing for me.

    I’m still waiting for more photos to decide what I think about Giorgio’s campaign… I’m liking the set, the light, but still need more!

    I’m loving YSL one! Which is strange, since I usually don’t like it! I’m just loving the vibe, the scenario is so Belle époque! Loving!

  20. Peter,
    The mother or grandman of The young debutants, young hollywood, heiress and turst fund kids or rich russian kids would get YSL, don’t worry:)

  21. it seems all of them reflecting the economic status there for conservative and low budget
    Armani is like an 80’s ad but chic and a designer ad but YSL is reflecting the seventies and staircases is more designer than the clothes on the model it is more bohemian and hipy does not reflect now
    Dior is more now than others but it lacks the couture and the image of dior aesthetics
    overall they did not do their homework
    Armani is the closest to its brand among them

  22. “Peter,
    The mother or grandman of The young debutants, young hollywood, heiress and turst fund kids or rich russian kids would get YSL, don’t worry:)”


    I don’t think Grannies don’t have the legs to pull the YSL…..LOL

  23. torn between ysl & dior but ysl made the win for the all-around beauty that exudes from the model. not saying the other models arent beauitful but Daria just looks darkly beautiful which i like.

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