Are there different types of girls in this story?

    These certainly are lovely women/images but this type of race marketing is becoming rather desperate/pathetic, no?!
    Are the glaring blue eyes meant to hypnotize and coerce the desired Asian audiences toward the brighter side of life?!

    Seems as if we are not yet so ready to wean ourselves away from the supplying of life blood to such ill-fated causes….
    *Or* is this meant to be a parody?

    I will have a look at the entire issue.

  2. I’m with Jake…but even the first shot is very Evangelista-esque. Her face definitely grabbed my attention! Awesome!

  3. So I’m not the only one who immediately thought Linda Evangelista for the 3rd and 4th pics.


  4. No no.. she doesn’t look like anyone else. MAYBE she reminds me a bit of a younger Bridget Hall or Shalom Harlow, but only because they’re incredibly beautiful too. This girl deserves a beauty contract.

    And come on, Nigel, it’s just a fashion magazine. It’s not meant to alter anyone’s perception of beauty.. I live in Latin America and I like seeing all kinds of beauty in local magazines, not only Latina-looking girls.

    For instance, I don’t know when was the last time an Italian model was on the cover of Vogue Italia, that doesn’t mean anything.

  5. talk about transformation. this is rare! now she is a model. her expression changes with each look.

  6. All the shots are beautiful. The cover shot, she looks a little lost but it still looks stunning. The first pose she dominated. She is beautiful.

  7. This is my girl MISS PATRICIA!!!One day i talk to her on LV show on the backstage and she is really nice!!This photos are stuning and she is really good. HOLLAND´S NEXT TOP MODEL make her a model and now she is a woman!!

  8. Carola darling…fashion has an undisguisable history of doing exactly what you’ve apparently missed.

    So I suppose that you are not very familiar with the ramifications caused by the heavy opressions by way European Imperialism/Idealism that Asians (and others) have suffered over the course of modern history which continues to this very day and it is highly prevelant in the world of “beauty” and fashion…*see photography and blatant text above*

    It’s barely ever “just” a fashion magazine. It is a vehicle that can be driven in any direction by a host of motives be it positive or negative. YOU (I and many) may like seeing different types of girls but you must know that many do not. I mean this with all do respect; where have you been?! Your dismissivness of the matter expresses an unfortunate naivete.

    How dare I stand up right?!

  9. great stuff! the cover shot is my least fav… the first 3 – excellent! patricia’s eyes in the first… wow – airbrushed i imagine – not photoshopped after… talk about updating the looks – people didn’t even do airbrush makeup in the 80s for the most part. Things just get better!

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