Sing for the Moment

Prada’s F/W womenswear campaign is a colorful ode to torch singers and intimate nightclubs; the blue tinted photos by Steven Meisel feature an all-star cast lead by Angela Lindvall, who takes on the role of chanteuse with aplomb. Valerija KelavaMiranda KerrDaria StrokousSigrid AgrenKim Dall ArmiClement ChabernaudMark Cox, and Mathias Bergh come together to create a scene straight out of Fellini – do you think the ads do the F/W collection justice?

  1. I like it. I like the fact that Daria is in the spotlight alongside Angela. Pity that Sigrid isn’t in the mainline campaign instead of Miranda, who looks surprisingly good.
    Valerija and Miranda are pretty much in the background though. It’s more: Prada F/W 2010 with Daria and Angela featuring Miranda and Valerija.
    I love the eyewear shots, which aren’t posted here. Daria needs to be higher in top 50 than Valerija IMO.

  2. It would be perfect if the same girl that was featured in the Men’s campaign was also feature in the female one, and is actually under the spot light.
    Anyways, I love Angela in the ads, she somehow looks like a lonely singer waiting for her partner to come.

  3. They really do justice.
    I love the concept, the colors.
    The only thing that is missing is Samantha Gradoville.

  4. i love the concept but glen luchford should’ve shot this campaign. his work for prada in the late nineties were some of the best campaigns prada ever had and.

    p.s. on one of the shots for this ad there was a black girl in the far background. who is she??????

  5. That girl was probably just a girl picked from ‘the street’ who fits the nightclub theme, as a black singer or so.
    Not like a model, otherwise we would have known it already.

  6. i love this ad i especially love because miranda is in it, also i think there should’ve been more shots of her but she has really evolved from sexy vs model to a couture super star

  7. Something doesn’t feel good about this campaign. Honestly I’m not buying the whole angela on a microphone theme. The shot looks too busy. Too many models were cast. Means more chances for mistakes. And quite frankly, it’s not one of my favorites. Mathias Berg does shine here tho, and oh my goodness in the couple shot, wish I was taking her place.

  8. I kind of like the concept for an ad campaign but I don’t know, the casting is a little weird, I love Daria S.. but Angela again for Prada? zzzz. And they’re taking it too far with Miranda, it was cute at first seeing her NOT dressed in a bikini, but let’s get back to business now shall we..

    I keep looking at Angela, she really is a great model but somehow doesn’t look convincing enough here.

  9. Not thrilled,it reminds me of a post Army-Navy game party at Westpoint with girls from Syracuse bussed in wearing outfits they bought from Lord and Taylor. I agree with Carola- Miranda is kinda cute but needs to stick with the Bikini girl image as she is too commercial to carry of High end fashion. Overall I think it is a bit hideous.

  10. What the heck…. Prada hasn’t change the alien hair style since last season. Time for a CHANGE!

  11. Miranda is perfect for High Fashion too: her face is great for HF and commercial, her body, and she’s talented model… if someone cannot see such an obvious fact, it’s clear that person definitely doesn’t know much about fashion aesthetics, or maybe just hates the fact that there’s a superstar-mode like her who can rock both fields of the industry with her beauty.

  12. I don’t “hate” the fact that a model can cover both the commercial and HF areas of fashion.. lots of girls can do that, Karolina and Isabeli and Gisele being the best examples; these girls do a lot of commercial stuff and nobody even notices because they’re very versatile, they don’t look like they’re playing a part in whatever jobs they do.

    Actually I was a bit surprised when Miranda started appearing in VS and the like, when she first started out it was the time of “alien” models like Gemma and Sasha and all the others whose name I can’t remember now, and she fit that mold perfectly, she’s very pretty but her face could be classified as “alien”. So then they went the commercial route with her and I was surprised that such a girl could make it in that field (the terrific body probably helped lol), and now I’m just used to seeing her in a bikini, it’s cute when she does the odd HF editorial or runway, but she does commercial best.

  13. I love the feel. It’s like old hollywood stars singing and dancing in their high fashion. So Meisel so Prada….

  14. never liked any of prada’s campaign… but def refreshing to see Miranda… she’s so beautiful.

  15. They should have picked Sade singing those groovy love songs and the models swooning and feeling the heat…instead angela looks lost. Like having Tara Reid play a genius scientist ( she actually did! Google it )

  16. Valerija Kelava is so right for Prada , the others not so sure , sort of like a mix of everything and anyone

  17. i love! But i like the preview more than the official.The other one was more classic and i think Sigrid is better here than Miranda.

    PS:Daria is too much the spotlights and Angela (i lover her)looks that shes really not singing!!

  18. So. Did we ever find out who the “mysterious black girl is who surfaced in the first few Prada Men FW10 Ads? I can only think of Meisel shooting Sessilee (not of lately though), Jourdan, Joan, Naomi, and Liya but she doesn’t look like any of them. WHO IS SHE?? (Faithful MDCers and tFSers, use your IDing superpowers. :-))

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