Darya Rising

Former Top 10 Newcomer and all around star in the making Darya Kurovska, makes her Vogue Russia debut in an only girl story by Terry Tsiolis. Dolled up in rebel denim and grunge meets Veronica Lake hair Darya is the picture of youthful vigor. Intensity is the keyword – with her soulful stare Darya radiates an energy that is downright kinetic.





  1. I dont see anything super spectacular in these pics to be honest. Pics 1,2 and 4 are the exact same look. Same head position, same eyes.

  2. you people are nuts. she’s gorgeous. these shots just happen to have the same look but I’m sure there were tons others that were not chosen….don’t blame the model.

    oh yeah, and Laviolette, I totally see Maryna in her!

  3. Hellooooo!

    Can people stop abuseing others that dont share there own view.

    Why must people agree with all you say? It is an insain way to think and destroys all discussion. This is not UTUBE abuse page!

    I love her look and if you dont thats also FINE.

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