Women On Top

The new issue of V lands on newsstands July 8th and the sexy body theme couldn’t be more evident once you look at Willy Vanderperre and Olivier Rizzo‘s ‘A Woman In Full’ editorial. Using shapely retro styling and some of the industry’s loveliest girls, Willy and Olivier turn the clock back, to the days of the hourglass figure; Karolina Kurkova, Jacquelyn Jablonski and Miranda Kerr have never looked better and the story is completely in line with fashion’s current curve obsession.

  1. Jacqueline does look stunning. Karolina and Miranda look lovely as well. Not a big fan of them though.

  2. Ahh one of my favorites, Jacquelyn.. this girl will be around for a long time, she has that special look.

    Karolina looking amazing, Miranda looking great too but a little bored with her now..

  3. This is about curves, but Karolina’s are obscured in her first pic. What’s up with that?

  4. It’s all about Jackie J. baby!
    Her face is disgustingly photogenic and her two images can easily occupy their own square footage in the chicest Salone.

    A good 60’s coiff is simply Godsend! And that one ^ is rockin’.

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