Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin Balenciaga campaign from 2002. (image source WWD)

Inez on her favorite models: “Raquel Zimmermann, Daria Werbowy, Kate Moss and Anja Rubik. They all have this huge range. They’re mature, they’re grown up, they’re women who have had a life and experience. For about five or six years now we haven’t shot anyone under 18 for that reason, but also for the fact that we feel that the modeling business should not promote girls working under 18. They’re not out of school, their bodies aren’t developed yet, they don’t have a sense of self yet, sometimes they haven’t had sex yet. It’s hard to project all these things on someone who hasn’t had that experience.” (from WWD)

Amen Inez. Not only are they one of the most creative and fascinating photography duos around, their views on models make us adore them even more. Their 300 photo retrospective opens today at Amsterdam’s Foam Museum. Read the rest of WWD’s interview with Inez and see who her dream subject would be.

  1. For all those toerists that have amsterdam on their agenda this summer my advice is to toss the joint away and skip the Van Gogh and go to Foam for the best trip (high ) you will find.Enter the world of Inez and Vinoodh.it will blow you away,Their work is inspirational ,directional and just so goddamn beautiful!;-) Enjoy !

  2. Thanks to this wonderful Duo!

    With very young models who copes with Drugs and the inevitable suicide, due to rejection or depression….I’m so glad they took a stand against hiring underage models with fragile self esteem.

    Ruslana Korshunova, Kim Daul, Ambrose Olsen, (Attempted suicide of) Noemie Lenoir, and Tom Nicon.

  3. Inez and Vinoodh are enganging and inspiring artists. We were lucky enough to have been at their pre-opening party at the Foam, where they both spoke about the way they work, their inspiration, their collaboration and their love. The exhibition is nothing short of amazing! 300 photographs, taken from 1985 through to 2010, left me speechless. There’s something about their photographs that draws you in and makes you want to see them again and again. But don’t take my word for it and have a look yourself, it’s worth the detour!

  4. It’s cool but.. looks like one of their old Balenciaga campaigns, I think it was 2002.. I can’t remember the models, I think Missy Rayder was in it. Probably Valerie Sipp too.

  5. Think super duo Inez & Vinoodh + M/M design.
    to go on influential ad(direction) make contentious more..
    fashion world & art field, I like it.

  6. It’s about time that someone stand up for the older ladies. Everyone always claims that the fashion industry gives young girls body image issues- what about the girls in their mid to late twenties and beyond? Are they to believe that they’re no longer beautiful because they’re not 15? Shame shame.

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