Mysterious Skin

Could Eniko Mihalik, be any sexier? We think not. Camilla Akrans, creates an engaging editorial for Vogue Nippon that hints at darkness beneath sensuality. A luxurious mansion, red lace masks and a knowing look in Eniko’s eyes; it all makes you wonder just what is going on behind the scenes. Once again Sissy Vian‘s styling is a standout, the crimson colored pieces look perfect on Eniko and go perfectly with the mysterious feel of the story.

  1. ^ ^ ^ yeah, okay Tyra.She’s giving as much neck as she can possibly give from that angle. Unless of course you want her to tilt her head up so we can see her nostrils.

  2. lordie, what a body. i feel it should almost be illegal to view this editorial. and i mean that in the best way. beautiful girl, hair, body it all comes together for aristocrat decadence

  3. i love this editorial she’s so hot!! And the 2nd pic is my favourite, partly bc her neck looks longer! I feel like her neck isnt her strongest feature so its nice when she really works it =)

    (And that has nothing to do w/ tyra even tho she’s run that note to the ground).

  4. wow i can picture the 2nd and 4th photo on a showcard already.. these are magazine tears any girl would kill for.. love it

  5. Incredibly beautiful girl and great photography. Very imaginative and seductive set up.

  6. Eniko does an excellent job with editorials. She gives it a vintage modern feel if that makes sense. And LD, I do have to admit that she doesn’t have the best neck out there. So maybe angles like the last pic aren’t probably best for her structure.

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