YSL Muse

Muse pays tribute to the work of Stefano Pilati with a special all YSL editorial; the streamlined fall collection looks perfect on the back of Melissa Tammerijn, whose icy blonde looks are the perfect compliment to the austere mood of Pilati’s clothes. Kacper Kasprzyk‘s shoots the whole story in black and white, with Melissa’s hair blowing in the wind and it makes for a simple, beautiful editorial.

  1. Did you just learn the definition of “austere” to plug it in everything you write? This is one of the reasons why I really despise fashion magazines and fashion writings in general. In an attempt to give their texts a pinch of sensationalism, they would: 1. plug in random french words regardless their sense, 2. plug in random words regardless the context, 3. a concoction made of number 1 and 2

    anyways, the edito looks like something out of the 90’s. Good.

  2. i see everything but no austere feeling in these clothes. i agree with anonymous but i love the the edito so ill shut up now.

  3. I’m sorry but Kacper did an awesome job! The lighting and shape are true to YSL. I just went to his agency’s website at totalworld.us and saw that he did the YSL mens advertising too! Nice1!

  4. a few of these remind me of 70s retro futuristic look and/or Debbie Harry of Blondie style outfits… the necklace of the silhouette is crazy!

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