Group Hug

Natalia Vodianova, Karen Elson and Christy Turlington by Steven Meisel for Louis Vuitton F/W 10

Fall continues its parade of campaigns with some of our favorite faces fronting Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Donna Karan, St. John. “The Lady” is back, groups are still in, Karen Elson is more popular than ever and the dark, moody sets look to be a fall mainstay. What campaign stops you in your tracks?

Nina Porter, Thomas Penfound,Sam Rollinson (Select), Sebastian Brice, Rosie Huntington Whiteley by Mario Testino for Burberry F/W 10 online campaign.

Burberry image 2: Nina,Sam Rollinson, Douglas Booth, Rosie

Tatiana Cotliar by David Sims for Valentino F/W 10

Karlie Kloss by Patrick Demarchelier for Donna Karan F/W 10

Karen Elson by Greg Kadel for St. John F/W 10

Image source for LV, WWD.

  1. I love all the campaigns!!! Louis Vuitton with Christy is just a dream , I really love her since I was a kid
    burberry wow ,Rosie is just amazing
    Karlie for Donna Karan is flawless

  2. This Valentino change is just like Miley Cyrus trying to grow up. Boring and expected. I like it. Would have made a great editorial, but it’s Valentino for the love of fashion, it’s like making a Mcqueen show with clothes that remind you of Theory and Gap. Mister Valentino isn’t happy. He loves women, sexiness and glamour. Everyone is going in this direction nowadays anyways.

  3. Not a fan of Kloss, but hell the girl can pose and feel the moment, guess what she pretty much is the moment. She’s either going to make history or fall the next seasons. I just hope her face features will carve beautifully in the next few years.

  4. Love Burberry!! The colour and new faces make it so interesting.

    Vuitton doesn’t look like a campaign but love the cast of model.

  5. Love the Louis ad. All three ladies have such a unique beauty to me. I have always adored Karens pale skin, and fire-red hair. Christy is beautiful as ever at 41, and Nat is glowing as well. Hope LV men looks like this. (But I think Steven Klein has already snagged this ‘backstage’ look for Dolce Men.)

  6. I love all the campaigns, the casting for Louis Vuitton…. unforgetable, Burberry jsut amazing… Rosie really has something, Donna Karan I like it altough i don’t like that specific pic… but the others are fine, I adore Valentino… so edgy but still so chic… love to see Tati there, well St Jhon is jsut common but nice too…
    Don’t know why biuyt the Lousi Vuitton campaign reminds me Dolce & Gabanna.

  7. And is it just me, or are the FW ad campaign visuals rollin out earlier than usual? (And I am SO not complaining.) It’s just June, and we have a lot of the big brands out already. This is so exciting!! Gimme more MDC!!!

    Oh. And I hear Freja is the FW10 campaign queen.

  8. Yuk, Rosie looks good in Burberry, but that Nina….
    I like Karlie in DK.
    Why is D&G not posted, they have a good cast IMO.
    And yes, Freja is the campaign queen. Balenciaga, Chanel, Chanel Eyewear, Tom Ford Eyewear, Max Mara, Valentino.

  9. La Natalia y Vodianova looks amazing!!!

    She looks so strong yet so beautifuleven next to a classic face like Turlington and Meisel muse, Elson.

    Natalia is indeed the Face of the New Millennium.

    Karlie is so romantic and seductive on that pose.

  10. For Burberry, the girl with bangs is Sam R.
    Charlotte W. isn’t present in either pic.

    I asbolutely love the LV campaign. Classic!

  11. tati is the best ….she look so new , and fresh en this shot is realy good , great future for her

  12. Burberry with out Lily Donaldson just does not work for me! What is up with Rosie’s exaggerated expression?, I wish she’d close her mouth. Don’t like Donna Karan, it looks like a teenage girl has been raiding her mother’s expensive clothes to play dress up. I don’t like the cast for Louis Vuitton but I really like the set.

  13. Louis Vuitton finally did an ad campaign that looks expensive and reminds us what the house is all about. Karlie Kloss, I’m just not a fan. Her body is great but the face doesn’t do much for me; not a fan. Burberry is an ad I just skip over, don’t even think of it. And Valentino, I feel the ad campaigns have been working, but this one isn’t. I know models are young, but this one doesn’t do the ad justice.

  14. louis vuitton casting for the show was amazing i hope other designers do that too, but i wish the ad could’ve been more wow but its still great. I love the 2nd burberry ad is so fresh and young. Valentino is just so boring they should do somethhing like they did for their fw 08 ad. Donna karan is okay for me idk im just not a big karlie kloss for ads i like her editorials. And St.John is just blah i like karen way better in LV!

  15. Karen Elson for St. John jumps out at me the most. Dynamic! #2 for me is Louis Vuitton. very “supermodel” in that you can combine three very different looking faces and they more than succeed at captivating! I’m always amazed when one of the original supers are used. Christy still glows! She’s obviously older…lips are much thinner than her heyday.. but she still holds her own remarkably well.

  16. frankly all of them are terrible to me. Burberry is the worst! they’ve done the same ‘multiple models standing together’ campaign forever, and it’s as gay as a picknick, no offense to gay ppl at all, but come on, just how many those camp skinny boy do they need for season after season? that Rosie girl has the same sausage mouth pose, even in the movie! come on! she can never top Megan fox’s sexiness so just stop trying so hard and focus on her talent! (if she has any). Valentino has completely changed the old glamour image that’s made the house, just watched Valentino’s movie and i’m sure he’s shaking his head about all the changes made to the brand. no comment on the last two, as boring as 2pieces of white papers. the Vuitton one, they’re making it clear one more time that the brand needs multiple mega models to attract attention, how desprate! besides, the campaing is completely DG, the doctor style inspired bags & dresses are completely Prada. where’s the creativity??? i’m the only one that’s pointing out the pink elephant, everyone is scared to speak up because of MJ and LVMH’s power, well……. (shrug shrug) behind all the PR and marketing, Vuitton is forever just a luggage maker!

  17. Burberry image 2 has some of the most powerful faces with great expressions. Great casting and photography!!

  18. love_fashion, you shall change your name to hate_fashion. You could not see the beauty and positive in the fashion world? why don’t you come up with a fabulous campaign and wow the world?

  19. Considering that a lot of people have that negative stigma toward uber-skinny models, the Valentino ad would make people want to puke. Highlighting that extreme thinness by revealing it as a single strip of light surrounded and contrasted by an extremely dark color isn’t too classy no matter how great the image is.

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