Kings of the Hill

Charlie France opens Burberry, James Smith at Raf Simons, Philipp Bierbaum at Prada.

After viewing 80+shows/presentations, 100’s of male models and 1000’s of looks, we’ve come up with our list of the top walkers in Milan/Paris for Spring/Summer 2011. It was a close call but for sheer amount and high quality of the designers these were our winners of S/S 11.

Charlie France, James Smith and Philipp Bierbaum were the three that Milan/Paris clamored for the most, with 20+ of the blue chip designers requesting their special brand of masculine beauty.

See below for the rest of the season’s favorite faces.

Adrien Sahores
Bastiaan Ninaber
Benoni Loos
Clement Chabernaud
Jacob Coupe
Jakob Hybholt
Johannes Linder
Johannes Niermann: Deserves a special mention for opening/closing the most shows.
Linus Gustin
Nicolas Ripoll
Oskar Tranum
Robbie Wadge
Simon Nessman
William Eustace

To see our Top Newcomers of the S/S 11 season, click here.

To see all the collections go to or Images source:

  1. philipp, adrien, bastiaan, jakob and linus are all amazing and so so beautiful, figures they’d be top spot.

  2. personally will never get the appeal of james. johannes n had pretty much the dream season.

  3. some of the guys, i cant tell the differences, especially majority all the shows, they all sleek back hair

  4. is not objective, only if you paye the annual fee you are in THE list ! Many great boys are missing because theire agencies are not applying to !

  5. To ME:

    Ha ha! I wish it were something simple like only putting the boys of agencies that are participating.

    Then I wouldn’t have spent DAYS laboring over
    2000+ looks. You are welcome to come look at my obsesseive spreadsheets and notes about the walkers. This is not about MY favorites at all, I’m just notating who the casting directors/designers chose!

    These are the ones who did the best and the most. I’m sorry if your “favorites” did not make the list. Many great boys are missing because at some point I have to cut it off. Otherwise it just turns into a listing of ALL the boys who walked which is over 400 young men.

    Jeremy Young, Francisco Lachowski, Alexandre Cunha were those who just missed the cutoff. They are all fantastic boys with Participating Agencies. it has NOTHING to do with who “pays”.

    Andrej Pejic is wonderful too.. but he walked 4 big shows. This is the list of the MOST and BEST shows.

    There were many beautiful kids who got exclusives. It used to be exclusive held more of a caché but now I usually wait to see if the young man is a one season kid or has a bit more longevity. But remember this is a list of the MOST shows, not the list for exclusives.


  6. Well said Betty. Some people are so biased, and really have no clue. At some point you really have to seperate your favorites from those really significant to designers during show season. I feel like you all do the research, and have the facts, so carry on.

    Good job gang with the upcoming campaign previews, and show season updates. You all ARE greatly appreciated at MDC!!

  7. Nik,

    Thanks! I love what I do but I also love to educate people if they don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, not only here but in the business as a whole.

    It makes my job a bit easier when one “gets” it, like you 🙂


  8. Come on loves..say it with me loud and proud. JAMES SMITH / CHANEL – JAMES SMITH / CHANEL…

    That face is incredible. He is so impossibly chic and pristine…A true million dollar mug.
    The Karl / Baptiste saga is great fun but I personally believe that James of someone of a similar cloth could be a much needed breath of fresh air.
    James probably could not fill the Baptiste niche but could certainly be an addition to the set.

    It was a pretty great show season. Wonderful
    looks, pretty decent show casts.

    Harking back to favoritism – Betty (or whomever) If I may ask – Was there a particular show in which the line up stood out most to you? In tandem with the fashion/ atmosphere/ overall aesthetic.

  9. ♥ James Smith
    His eyes are just fierce!!
    Jakob n Robbie are soooo great too 🙂
    hope to see them more in the next season.

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