The Italian Job

As Milan men’s show wraps up for S/S 11, a flurry of Fall/Winter 10 campaigns descend. The venerable Italian powerhouses of Dolce & Gabbana, Miu, Miu and Prada all reveal their direction come September. What’s inspiring you for fall?

Steven Meisel for Prada Men F/W 10. Mathias Bergh and Angela Lindvall

Prada image 2:Valerija Kelava and Kim Dall Armi, Daria Strokous and Clement Chabernaud, Mark Cox and Sigrid Agren, Angela and Mathias.

Steven Klein for Dolce & Gabbana Men F/W 10. Arthur Kulkov, Adam Senn, Noah Mills, Evandro Soldati, Sam Webb

Steven Klein for Dolce & Gabbana F/W 10 Campaign Preview. Max Schneider and Madonna

Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for Miu Miu F/W 10. Ginta Lapina and Siri Tollerod

Image sources: Mega Models Germany, New York Models, Joy Models, the Fashionspot, Dolce &

  1. prada looks good. anyone know who the mysterious woman in the background is? she was the first thing to catch my eye…

  2. love miu miu! how is ginta not in the top 50? she’s certainly making a name for herself!

  3. oh good! thanks betty! ginta is just so incredibly gorgeous – she definitely deserves a spot on that list!

  4. I love Dolce and Gabbana. They always tell a story, like an old italian cinema. Miu miu , seen before…..the doll look is as old as sasha p and gemma ward. Prada is ok. Im expecting a breakout star, but they hire a veteran like Angela, but that’s good, I love her.

  5. i cant wait to see more of miu miu’s ads they just look so fresh and cute, and i heard miranda kerr was suppose to be in the prada ad and im wonderin what happened? but dolce’s men ads are incredible, but i dont celebrities for ads so madonna gots to go

  6. Glad to see that Dolce is finally switching it up a bit but where’s David Gandy? A little shocked he’s not in the campaign. Would love to see an ethnic model doing something for the brand. And yea who is the mysterious Prada girl?

  7. Is that lil Lyndsey they stuck in the back ground… Im going to hold my breath but im sure this is probly all we will see of ms scott…. How Sad

  8. Prada is intriguing. And I love that the models — both men and women — look grown up. Quite a contrast with Miu Miu, which I don’t care for. Steven Klein for Dolce & Gabbana is perfection!

  9. Everyone’s saying that Prada is menswear, but i think both campaigns are one this season. Meisel never shoots menswear.
    I love Prada, except for Angela. I’m tired of seeing oldies getting everything. All my love goes to Daria, Valerija, Sigrid, Ginta and Siri, fresh models.
    Oh, and Madonna, that campaign was for Natasha!!!!

  10. BTW, what has happened at top 50??
    Sigrid down, with a Prada campaign, Daria Strokous did not move, while Valerija is now on 20? Lindsey Wixson on 19??? She has no campaigns (yet) this season. Jacquelyn doesn’t have a campaign either. Anna de Rijk moved down too, while she got Sonia Rykiel and most likely Gianfranco Ferre. And please, move Ranja and Sessilee down.

  11. david gandi could not make it becouse the volcano,but david or boring anyway,always the same story

  12. amazing the black girl is the center focus this is history!bravo!!…looks like liya or joan smalls…
    madge rocks, and miu miu the pose remind me of naomi and kate, vogueparis cover…but it is stunning. Put Ginta on top 50 what took so long??

  13. anlabe – It IS a MENS campaign. they are not combined. Meisel did shoot both – one after the other. i know this for sure, because my friend works on the production and they extended the days at the last minute to shoot the mens campaign. It may be that they put women stuff in the mens campaign, but this is not the main womens campaign.

  14. @ Jules, hmm i’m hoping the same cast will be in womenswear too, because Miranda Kerr in Prada would be a disappointment.
    Sigrid does it way better.

  15. @ anlabe , miranda shot the womens for sure. i was shocked too when i heard, but also REALLY happy. i am so glad these are women and not anonyomous young girls a la Rasa. Its nice to see Angela and strong women like Miranda and Valerija for a strong brand. Sigirid, i think is only mens, but i am not sure. i know miranda was on set for the womens. i love her so i hope she is still in it!

  16. Could someone please confirm the black girl in prada because its not Naomi Campbell. Its one of the new girls just cant tell whom. She has inadvertently taken the spotlight in this campaign. Hurray

  17. There’s a long thread on the fashion spot that has in it an explanation for the Prada scene: it’s inspired by a nightclub scene in Antonioni’s La Notte. The woman in the background in the movie is an African dancer. That explains why the others are all couples and she’s solo. In the movie she wears a bikini.

    Meisel has used scenes from this movie for a fashion stories in the past.

  18. I hate the madonna ad. she’s not even cool anymore just an joke desparte to appear cool desirable.

  19. Love that Meisel is doing both Men and Women Prada. Just wish LV and Calvin used the same aesthetic when shooting ads. I like the cast, as we can very well see Mr. Meisels favorites, male and female. BTW, could the girl in the background be Jourdan Dunn? That would be such a nice comeback! I am absolutely sick that David Gandy is not featured in the Dolce Ads. He so fits the look season after season. Good to see Evandro back, and I am glad that Arthur K got a good campaign. He seems to be a very hardworking, classy, and professioal model. He deserves it!

  20. The girl in the background I think is Lindsay Scott but I hope it’s Jourdan Dunn, I miss her.

  21. I3m almost sure that the black girl in the background is Ashane Rose.

    “Ashane has her eyes set on being the first black face to appear for a Prada campaign.”

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