Riccardo’s Girls

Riccardo Tisci‘s uncompromising vision for Givenchy continues with the launch of the S/S campaign. Building on the look of the memorable fall series Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin tap quintessential Givenchy girls Lakshmi Menon, Mariacarla Boscono, Ana Claudia Michels and Lara Stone for a series of high contrast, high energy shots. The end result, a campaign that is pure Givenchy.

Though the collective star power of the female lineup is mesmerizing Tisci’s boys won’t be left behind. The unique menswear ads feature Simon Nessman, in his second season for the line and newcomers Pablo C and Jakob Wiechmann looking distinctive.

  1. I really like the fact that the same photographers (Inez and Vinoodh) did both men and women. IT LOOKS AWESOME. And I absolutely love that Lakshmi and Simon are repeating the brand. Givenchy gets thumbs up for SS09.

  2. It’s amazing how they subtily empower the women in this ad campaign: all the girls are very feminine but with a sort of raw power, which makes them look almost manly (not just because of the clothes, but also because of the poses, the general atmosphere…).On the other hand, the boys look fragile and (that’s my twisted mind speaking) quite easy to manipulate and control. WE LOVE.

  3. Dear MODELS.COM Team – there is a major unconvinience referring to the part “Model Database Recent Updates” on your main page.

    Why isnt there any history button, which would allow to look after pictures not occuring on the main page anymore?? And why its not possible to leave comments there?

    I realized that I missed so many fresh campaign and editorial pictures only because of this technical mishapening! Its quite frustrating to discover pics long after their publishing here. A maintenance wouldnt be a bad idea. All the best.

  4. Dear Malwinowski-Piowarski:

    Thank you for your valuable feedback. Our technical team has already been working on new features like these where you will be able to catch up on all the campaigns/editorials that you missed.


  5. even if..over n over the same thing ( as inexz & co only repeat them self) it s one of th best ad on the season..mostly coz the others r painfull to look at…

  6. Ana-Claudia & Lara don’t quite compliment each other for me, especially in the 1st pic.

    Great strength all round though.

  7. the photos are great … I just dont like ana claudia …she doesnt feel natural on the photos and too strange with the open legs

  8. i agree on ana claudia- but Lakshmi, lara and mariacarla are AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGG- could have just been the 3 of them 🙂 wow wow wow wow

  9. It’s fantastic, but I think that Ana Claudia Michels doesn’t fit this, she’s just not strong enough to share the spotlight with Lara, Lakshmi and Mariacarla

  10. i dont’t understand the criticism over Ana Claudia, she looks AMAZING, GORGEOUS, PERFECT and STRONG enough, like all the other girls in this add! For me, she is THE ONE on this ad! I love all the girls, but for sure Ana is highlighted on this!

  11. I have a question for Models.com team:

    Why did you take Isabeli out of the top 50 women? She is one of the best models nowadays and got most of the main campaigns last season. She deserves to be included on the list! And i agree that the pics should be updated more often.

    Thank you for your understanding!

  12. It’s the model’s job to make the clothes look sensational without calling attention to themselves.
    I love all these models – but my eye goes right to the collection.
    Excellent I + V !!

    LARA IS DEADLY!!! She’s IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lakshmi has a great face, but for some ODD reason, she looks bad here (as well as at MaxMara) ;(

  14. I guess the thing that bothers me about Ana Claudia is that she looks like she did in her hey day…I would’ve hoped for a re-invention of some sort.

  15. Yay! Ana Claudia looks FIEEERCE and so is Maria Carla. These two veterens look stunning! and yeah, after almost a decade, they still ROCK! Kudos to Givenchy for a great campaign ad!

  16. Congrats for Maria Carla and Ana Claudia , RAW ! Lara Stone looks strange in the 1st pic !

    and the man’s add is soooo far too strange , it’s a new kind of caption or something that i don’t understand yet….

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