1. is Gucci finally taking some advice from Tom Ford again?? Thank God! Models are sensual and male models are boy-toys… perfect formula!

  2. What? No Sean Opry for FW Armani?? Janice does the ad justice too. He looks very dapper! Miss Smalls………..Top Newcomer indeed!! Already stomping with the big dogs (Raquel), I am so curious as to how she will do this coming season editorially. I bet before the end of the year we will be seeing her on a VI cover. (Mr. Meisel has been quite unpredictable lately, but it only just makes sense to me.)

  3. ms. smalls is already top ten model material. legend in the making… i really think she has the stuff to be numero uno!

  4. What? No Natasha Poly for Gucci? Gucci always has the best ad campaigns of the season, and definitely the sexiest. Can’t wait to see Prada and Hermes.

  5. I think Raquel is seriously over rated, I don’t get her appeal at all. I’m not a fan of Joan Smalls but it is nice to see some one other than Natasha fronting Gucci.

  6. janiceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u are tee best my frriend…. conratulations for your job…….. hehhehehhehhe……………

    hhug friendd

  7. A black woman front and center of a Gucci campaign in the current climate is nothing short of superb!! Job well done Joan (and agents!). She looks spectactular ironically enough, the look is befitting to that of her CFDA appearance.

    The entire Gucci ad is spectacular and I can not wait to see the rest of the campaign!
    Frida is seriously rockin’ it right about now!

  8. loving Joan Smalls.. I would rather see her and Lais Rioberio in teh gucci ad but Raquel pulled it off greatly! THEY LOOK PERFECT TOGETHER! ….. ALL 3 MODELS LOOKS AMAZING! LANVIN’S HOT TOO, WAITNG TO SEE PRADA, VERSACE AND BALCENCIAGA!

  9. Joan Smalls…..Man Oh Man. The girl is really killin the fashion game right know! Love the girl! Suprised to see that they booked sumbody else other then NATASHA POLY, even tho i love her 2!!

  10. Joan Smalls looks great. I hope she breaks top 10.She definitely has the goods to offer.

  11. LOvin Joan Smalls right, she is givin me everything I need I n this Gucci Ad.. She is EVERYTHING

  12. huhuhu! I want Natasha Poly in the Gucci Campaign. She will always be the best for Gucci, I’m sad now. I hope she gets bigger and better Fall 2010 campaigns.

  13. Wow Joan Small, Front and Center for GUCCI, with supporting role by Raquel Zimmerman . That’s huge!

    But Natasha Poly should be the forever GUCCI Girl. To me, Natasha embodies the Brand. Sleek, Expensive and Luxe !!! Natasha should star in the campaign season after season. Like Carmen Kass for Michael Kors .

    I’m tired of Raquel , to be honest.

  14. nice images, the Lanvin ad is deliberately a disturbing image with double exposure over-layed for blurred effect, which does not make any one I know want to rush out and buy the product; not even Marilyn Manson fans or Twilight kids who might like strange stuff

  15. YAYAYA!
    Janice…. sooo happy for you man!
    Mert and Marcus are making the most beautiful work!

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