Perfect Blue

Anna Jagodzinska joins David Gandy as face of Dolce & Gabbana‘s best selling Light Blue fragrance. The iconic ads maintain their beautiful Mediterranean locale, but are revitalized by the presence of Anna, the pictures are sensual, fresh and completely in line with the Dolce aesthetic.

Anna J

David & Anna

Image Credit | Northern Star @ tFS

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  1. Way better with Marija. She looks uninterested in being their. Not impressed with her modeling at all.

  2. True – I think Marija added that dark sensuality to the ad…the fresh faced blonde hair blue eyed look doesnt give me that sensualism.

  3. David Gandy gets all the looks in this ad, usually the woman in the ad is the star, but not here!

  4. love the first one, her eyes are simply amazing hate the second! awkward awkward pose and very forced. love marija, but was getting sick of those same ads all the time, lol.

  5. Take the girl out. Leave Gandy in. For me he works the ad. He owns Light Blue. Anna is beautiful but there is no chemistry between the two models.

  6. I have to agree. Anna J is one of my top 5 favorites but her beauty and her ability to look flawless didn’t get pushed in this ad campaign. David Gandy is handsome, what a gentleman.

  7. I don’t like Anna [as a model] at the best of times, and this ad makes me like her even less. She looks uncomfortable in the second shot, and I don’t think the pairing of David and Anna works well.

  8. i have to totally disagree i think that anna who is one of my all times favorite brought pure sexiness into the shot now david who a god didn help it at all his pose and expression make her look bad in my opinion!

  9. Marija Vujovic a supermodel of her time.. deliver the best dolce and gabbana light blue ad so far… Hate it! it doesn’t work.. Anna J is a great model but it lacks chemistry… lack power and sexiness which is the true essence of the dolce and gabbana light blue!

  10. Oh come on now……Marija V wasn’t that great! I thought that Anna J did a good job here…..Anna J is the modern day Amber Valletta .

    Well let’s not forget that David Gandy is the real Star of Light Blue. The exotic locale and Anna J are just props, and even Marija too.

    So stop whining ! LOL


  12. @peter Oh, I definitely wasn’t whining. Haha! I’ve got eyes for one model and one model only in those ads and they’re are for David. I just don’t like my future 2nd husband looking like he’s pulling a pirate move on some island girl. Womp womp.


  13. A Girl can always dream, Calvin. Ha!


    if your future 2nd husband won’t work for you, there’s always Cory Bond!

  14. I think it suited best with Marija Vujovic of Montenegro, she is so sensual and sexy. But Anna J?, blond and blue eyed??? c’mon, what about a brunette Natasha Poly?!?…

  15. they both look very uncomfortable and awkward! she wouldn’t have been my first choice. like the solo ad of gandy best.

  16. anna and david shot – looks almost photoshopped together – i see no chemistry there… anna by herself – great eyes but they got too much sun on her head – makes it look like she’s losing her hair.

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