Winner’s Circle

If there was ever a doubt about the sheer influence of V Magazine’s modeling contests look no further than this season’s frontrunners. While Amanda Laine works overtime in multiple editorials, VMan finalist AJ Abualrub is the face of Calvin Klein. With his platinum crop and icy stare AJ is an unmistakable presence. Evocative and powerful, AJ’s face stands out in the stark David Sims helmed campaign.

AJ/Ford Models. Ph: David Sims, styled by David Bradshaw

  1. yeah, i think it looks FANTASTIC and i’m not even really interested in male models. i think this is my fave campaign so far.

  2. haha people are so stupid.
    i frankly do not understand what the big fuss is about with all of us models.

    u fashion people freak out over someone and i never understand why?

  3. this is what Calvin Klein is all about. wish they’d shot Anna like this – Fabien needs to give it a rest

  4. amanda laine not only is doin “editorial” she also will be in the upcomong Balenciaga
    Campaign. not to mention ALL the A-list editorial and just finished working with Steven Meisel.
    what has the “winner” of the Ford search been doing???

  5. OAW,Calvin Klein with David Bradshaw…I am a big fan of his work! congratulations once again, You are the best!

  6. I know his wife!! AHH! So great to see AJ rocketing upwards! He’s got a great career ahead of him, such power in the eyes. As Tyra would say, “fierce!”

  7. aww leah .. he is far the best ive seen. he puts so much effort and determination in everything that he does.. and he goes places with it .. as you can tell. he has really climbed the latter in the last year of his modeling career. Im so proud of him and what he’s done for us as a family !!

  8. Lol I love how these girls all love aj… I worked with him at sears during the holiday season in 2008… whats even more funny is that I had a modeling interview with Wings Model Management in Cincinnati OH and aj drove. It was me him and his friend. What was funny is I just brought them along because I thought they had a good look. And they ended up with contracts and I did not… sad for me but good for him. I am glad that day took him far. I just hope he remembers me and stays in touch.

  9. im so excited for him to come back to Kentucky at the end of this month. No matter what happens with his modeling career he will always be number 1 to me 🙂

  10. Im his sister, Aliyyah ! if you want to call it poster parent.. whatever! I knew his wife. he use to be married when he was younger and things didnt work out. Im just really proud of his success and look up to him, as he is my big bro. He has great determination and i admire that, he will always be number one to me. it seems unimaginable that we actually have a model in the family. our parents and family are just too happy that he came so far in this. As for Leah, she knew his ex and still thought they were together b/c they havent spoke since then. to all the blogers on her please dont assume things until you are absolutly sure!

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