1. Bottom line it’s child exploitation. There are plenty of models who are 18 and over who should have done that job. 16 is too young.

  2. I just realized that Steven Meisel prefers to make pictures of Katrin with closed eyes.

  3. Well, Betty.. i think he dont really understand the art of fashion.. and he dont understand the concept and story behind this picture.. 😉
    dont bother. 😉

    i think this is just simply nice and elegant!

  4. Karlie Kloss is 16. But what’s the big deal? It’s a tasteful editorial. What she’s wearing is less revealing than the average swimsuit. I love it.

  5. I agree Betty. (Whatever happened to, “If u don’t have anything good to say, don’t say it at all”?) On another note, I think US Vogue would be better too, if they used more models as covergirls. Yes Anne Hathaway is a gorgeous girl, but what would be the purpose of a FASHION MODEL if she can’t be featured on a FASHION MAGAZINE cover?? Imagine; US Vogue with a new star like Lakshmi or Arlenis from cover to cover. (a la Vogue Paris, February 2009) That would be epic!!

  6. @Nik

    Unfortunately, not too many people in the US really care too much about fashion. They care more about celebrities than they care about clothes. So,US Vogue has adapted and mixed the two together. Not that I like seeing a celeb on every cover, it’s the exact opposite, but I also understand Vogue’s business sense. US Vogue understands that the model/fashion junkies will buy it no matter who or what is on the cover, but the other group won’t.

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