Funky Diva

Ubah Hassan returns to the pages of Vogue Italia in an alluring Bruce Weber portfolio. Whether she’s looking striking in a vintage car or turning on the charm with a truly sensational pose Ubah dominates each and every picture. With her imposing presence and staggering beauty Ubah is truly one of the editorial faces to watch in 09.

Ubah Hassan by Bruce Weber for Vogue Italia. Preview pics courtesy of CLICK.

  1. AMAZING!!! great to see that vogue italia is always so fashion forward. and i dont even have to comment on bruce weber’s job. he is perfect.

  2. I met Ubah at Simon Duncan’s fashion show and she is even more stunning in person. Ubah has fine delicate features, a gorgeous smile, eyes that sparkle, and a great personality to match.

  3. Poo, the guy in the white trench is model Peter Kortenhoven. I think he’s signed to DNA, but don’t quote me on that.

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