Raquel in Marc Jacobs

Season after season, booking after booking Raquel Zimmermann maintains her unstoppable momentum. The Brazilian modeling doyenne pairs up with Juergen Teller for one of the freshest Marc Jacobs’ campaigns in ages – bold prints, green grass and blue skies combine for one unforgettable visual. As per usual Raquel is in her element, looking as cool and carefree as any true Jacobs girl.

Raquel Zimmerman. Ph: Juergen Teller for Marc Jacobs S/S 09

  1. best ad of the year..n problalbly on of the best in the last few years…as it was the best show of the season…ps she one of the few real supermodel of the new generation ))

  2. I love the contrast of Jacobs’ modern take on Americana with the American staple of apple picking. This campaign is witty, chic and definitely fantastic!

  3. As much as I Adore Marc Jacobs and am continually impressed by Raquel’s roster of work, I would Loved to have seen a bolder face in these adverts – like Kate Somers or Han Jin. Wishful thinking, I know, I know.

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