Form & Function

Vogue Italia‘s agenda for 09 is simple – innovate, influence and inspire. Steven Meisel’s elegantly minimalist editorial ‘Form Function’ pairs the seasons most inventive silhouettes with the groundbreaking architecture of Zaha Hadid. While the model selection may be pristine – cover girls Anna Selezneva, Viktoriya Sosonkina and Anna Jagodzinska are magnetic, while Natasha Poly, Sessilee Lopez, Kinga Rajzak, Nimue Smit & Karlie Kloss all look stunning within the editorial – the story is truly about clothing as an artform. The juxtaposition between the lines of a Chloe dress and the curved panels of Hadid’s Chanel Mobile art pavilion shows us that impressive design knows no boundaries.

  1. well put….”Pristine” sums this up precisely! the direct lighting, the ultra natural makeup, and the GLOVES! along with the perfect selection of girls makes me die inside. and i have to give a nod to natasha…i don’t remember having seen her photographed by meisel before, so this is great.

  2. First off, Italian Vogue (and most European Vogues for that matter) have all pushed the boundaries between art and fashion.
    Lopez looks stunning!
    The sloppy hair and disheveled poses are ridiculous. So chic, so fashion forward.

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