1. love the concept! all perfect cover model choices.all their faces look beyond stunning.

  2. Giselle all the life..how classy she is?!?!
    omg…how to do a better advertising at nature if not with these 3 perfect creature…

  3. Isabeli. Boom Boom Pow!!!!

    Gisele. I’ve seen her countless time in that angle.

    Angela. Yawn…..

    Isabeli. GODDESS!

  4. Oh come on guys…….Isabeli has the best cover here.

    Isabeli is the hottest, most versatile supermodel.

    For example : her cover here can be labeled as Sport’s Illustrated ….US Vogue swim issue….or Victoria’s Secret and she will sell it……

    And she’s smoking Hot!!!

    Please give her credit ……

  5. Speaking of Underrated Supermodel …. Isabeli is the most underrated . With her Hotness, why isn’t she the number one choice of Victoria’ Secret or on the cover of Sport’s Illustrated since her hotness will blow all their D-listed covergirls….and she was never a number one model like Gisele,Kate,Lara or Raquel (eye-rolling)!

    She’s been around forever and continue to do some great work.

    She should do what Rosie Huntington Whiteley is doing. That girl, knows how to work the industry……dating an international Action Star, beg her way to VS top 3 spot and will be in the new Transform 3 movie ( I’m sure its crappy, but it will surely raised her profile )!!!

  6. Gisele and Isabeli’s!!!! they are all nice, but isabeli and giseles beauty capture me first. while angela is a good model and ok looking, dont see her as a beauty.
    Isabeli is undeniably stunning and can do commercial/sexy/high fashion greatly, the main stream appeal will never catch onto her jaw I feel. although she is super amazing looking. mainstream love average fat faces it seems.

  7. You said it Pete!! She is still SO underrated. She is almost always everywhere, at the same time. (She had 10 Vogue covers from May 09- May 10. Who else can you think of in the last 5 years who has done the same in that time frame?) She needs a little more mass media exposure via TV/film to really get ‘in’, kinda like wha Giselle, and the old school supers did to gain recognition of the general public. Nonetheless, I think Isabeli is amazing, and will be around forever.

  8. Isabeli’s is probably the most appealing, Angela’s the most artsy [and doesn’t she look a bit like Karlie’s older sis in that pic??] and Gisele’s is…blah. 🙁 I’d probably pick up Isabeli’s despite my love for the other two.


  9. love them all and they all represent their green causes well! I cant choose. Isabeli is so loved and famous in the fashion world only. she could have main stream appeal, I guess if she wanted. she needed a VS angel contract or makeup contract I guess. she has not once been mentioned by the public here in the US anyways.

  10. totaly agree with peter & nic, it’s ridiculous that Isabelli is soooo under-rated!!! she’s like Gisele – can do both high fashion & commercial. very versatile and super duper hot! i don’t get that Rosie huntington girl at all! how is she going to look nice next to Shia B…he’s sooo short! i can’t beleieve they chose her, even if they go for looks only it should have been Kerr! ps. so far the only professional model that can actually act is Milla J. Transformer is going to be crap for sure, silly decision to let Megan go @@~

  11. PERFECTION!! Among all of the great spreads you have had in recent months, this is by far the very best. I love everything about it from the incredible model, to wardrobe, makeup and photography. Very well done.

  12. Love them all but Isabeli does it for me. Gisele is boring here, don’t get me wrong. I am a big fan of Gisele and she is goegeous but we have seen her like this too many times.

  13. love them all! really good covers. Gisele is my favorite and glad she didn’t do a beachy theme like isabeli, as she has been there done that before, and I could hear the complaints now if hers were like isabelis, lol. isabelis cover shot overall is my favorite though. angela is rather meh.

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