DKNY Jeans by Mr Sartorialist

Scott Schuman has turned his blog, the Sartorialist into a must read for the street and fashion crowd. With his shoots for French Vogue and work for GQ, Scott himself modeling in a Gap ad and his first major fashion campaign for DKNY Jeans below (with a newly banged Alana Zimmer), it’s evident that the former Bergdorf Goodman fashion director is poised to have an even more fantastic 2009.

Alana Zimmer, Laurent Albucher. Ph: Scott Schuman for DKNY Jeans S/S 09. Styled by Tabitha Simmons. Pic courtesy of REquest (for Laurent)

  1. I love Alana too Hana!!!! And when will people understand that fashion sometimes is abstract, and not ev’rybody all the time “get it”. Bad styling?? This is an ad for jeans. It’s not the Calvin Klein Collection. I actually like Laurent’s “get up”, and would rock it anytime.

  2. I think that the backround is too boring.I like DKNY but I hope the next time the advertisement will be more exciting and creative 😉

  3. I’m really not liking his jeans or his shoes. The shirt is fine though. It reminds me of the not-so-amazing part of the 90s.

  4. I love the simplicty of Scott’s work. And I think anything with Alana in it is brilliant casting wise. She has a quiet elegance to her..very rare

  5. too retouched. it loses the sartorialist rawness and imediacy. it just looks to painted over. why use him if this is what you’re going to do to his work? alana looks great, but laurent looks dull and i concur with the majority that the styling here isn’t all that great. but hey, it’s dkny, what do we exepct?

  6. Hi I just wanted to know if anyone knew the models name who is on the second page of this advertisement? She is on the next page along side these two other models?

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