Bits and Bytes: Welcome to 2009

For all of you who took a break from the news, here’s recap of the last week, because even through the holidays, the fashion and modeling world churns on! And for all those anxiously awaiting the February Lara Stone Vogue Paris special, here’s a sneak peek thanks to Aby at tFS.

RIP 2008, Refinery 29 lists the top brands/people/stores that didn’t make it to 2009

Avedon, Meisel, Sorrenti, Roversi and Klein, all being shown at ICP: WWD

Angela Lindvall and Irina Lazaraneu design T shirts for Al Gore’s climate project: WWD

How great were those Serge Lutens Shiseido ads from the 80’s? Here Frockwriter examines the modern day reproduction, down to the very poses.

Jason Kanner reflects on 20 years in the biz: It is what it is

Cathy Horyn of the NYTimes also reflects, but on the current state of Anna Wintour and American Vogue.
(Also, here’s the behind the scenes model interpretation of the article by Tatiana (with gorgeous picture of Nadja Auermann with swan shot by Helmut Newton.)

And just because we are fascinated with her as a model who actually writes….Tatiana the Anonymous Model on Meisel.

The Fashionista crowd wants to be Arlenis, Carine Roitfeld, Katie Grand and Olivier Theskens; not all at the same time though.

Ponyryder interviews new hot male model Tyler Riggs.

Lynn Yeager no longer at the Village Voice. Sad.

Oh Karl Lagerfeld, ever so controversial: Telegraph

John Galliano is a chevalier of the French Legion d’Honneur: WWD

Gary Card, set designer, interviewed: Wherethelightsend

Is Andres V the new man in Kylie Minogue’s life? Vogue UK certainly thinks so

Lara Stone for Vogue Paris February 09. pic via Aby at tFS.

  1. The Lara issue – can’t wait to see it and have it and look at every photo again and again!
    The interview with Tyler, by Pony Ryder – great work, again! He certainly has quite a personality!

  2. This is just great. Lara Stone is amazing!!
    I also vote for Pony Ryder’s blog…a must see!!

  3. IM OVER THIS FACE FROM LAURA… shes gorge, thats obvious, BUT c’mon can we see different look?????????

  4. ;-)Im just loving it!!!After all the blogs and discussions of late about models age ,weight and longlevity ;Paris Vogue nails it !The girl that they devote a whole issue to is not only a fantastic model with an amazing body(yes people she eats !)she is over 16,has been working as a model for a few years now ;she knows exactly what it is all about ,i loved her confession of not being able to walk in high heels and after seeing the prada show :what woman wants to take a tumble every few feet because the heels she s wearing are to high ?!Lara you are the Bomb and i hope an example for all future models :personality , inner beauty and joy in your work is the most important !x

  5. I dont like Lara most of the times despite I believe she has a very high fashion appeal.
    Corine said that she did this issue all about Lara because her career was almost finished and that was made to help her.
    I doubt that despite I havent seen Lara in a while.

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