Wilderness Retreat

Steven Meisel and Marie-Amelie Sauve take readers into dystopian territory with a daring editorial for Vogue Italia.ร‚ย Eva Herzigova, Tanga Moreau, Cole Mohr, Yuri Pleskun, Will Lewis, Eliza Cummings, Berthold Rothas and Valerija Kelava, star as a set of wilderness survivalists dressed for a worst case scenario. The engaging story presents a unique take on pre-fall’s luxury, with some of the most exquisite designer clothes styled to look like tattered rags, Marie-Amelie’s talent as a stylist is once again on display and so isร‚ย Pat McGrath‘s skill with a makeup brush. Meisel’s versatility shines through as well; think of how different this is from last month’s VI glamour fest.




Yuri, Valerija & Will


Image Credit | Scans by The Fashionisto

  1. Glamourising poverty and homeless people is fashion’s biggest vulgarity no matter how impeccably done. Everybody is getting all worked up about blackface but this is fashion? Get over it.

  2. I see what you’re saying Anastasia but I feel like there is more than one way to read the story. Looking at this I didn’t think homeless as much as dystopian, it actually reminded me of films like ‘The Road’ or ‘Children of Men.’ I felt like Meisel was playing with that kind of imagery, much in the way he played with images of ecological terror in the Air Supply edit from last November.

    That said, I can see where this could also be a play on images of poverty outside of an urban landscape. Not sure exactly what his intent is, but hopefully the direct reference will be revealed.

  3. Anastasia, when do you ever hear of homeless people living in the woods? Now if this happened to take place on the side of a highway and it was shown in the pictures, then yeah I would’ve thought they were depicting homeless people too. Like Janelle, the ed totally reminds me of the dystopian world in the “The Road”, and I’ve actually only read the book.

  4. While I agree Meisel was probably referencing the dystopian world, the images still invoke the grimy, unkept world of the homeless, at least to me (and apparently I am not the only one). Regardless of his reference though, I never really understood the glamorization of this type of image, this is fashion forward?

    And to LD, take a train near an urban area that passes through a wooded area and you may see homeless people living in the wilderness, tents and all! I know I have..

  5. There is nothing wrong with dystopian or apocalyptic references, sometimes Meisel even taps into social anxiety for instance in earlier mentioned shoot Air Supply. And I think sometimes even political references within conceptual fashion shoots can work really well, only when executed impeccably. But is fashion the right platform for these issues?

    No matter how talented the team on this shoot obviously is, Meisel will never win a Nobel peace prize and just Like Uncle Karl ( love him to death) he can step over the vulgar line. Even though Im pretty sure they don’t cherish Nobel ambitions, there’s just something fundamentally wrong creating these specific concepts from an ivory fashion tower. Poverty and glamour make an obsceen and banale fashion contrast which leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Just like Kaiser Karl flying in an Ice mountain allegedly making a statement about global warming. Gimmeabreak.

    Not that my 2 cnts matter much, relax, it’s only fashion! Next month; new chances.

  6. I think it’s pretty clear why the homeless aesthetic could be glamorized. Presumably those who are homeless have had experiences that others cannot imagine and that kind of wisdom would show on their faces. It’s why runaway punks are so fetishized in fashion. As for the clothes, a haphazard piling on can be easily glamorized (see: Olsen, Mary-Kate). As long at it is just an aesthetic glamorization and not an ignorant “how fun to be homeless!” statement, I don’t think it’s particularly insensitive

  7. Post-apocalytic movie. “THE ROAD” w/ Victoria Mortenssen.

    Is that the theme of the shoot?

    Complete with the cannibal looking Tanga Moreau

  8. The title is from a Bowie song. I liked the dirty faces Nov story and I even think his SS10 Louis Vuitton campaign with Lara had a dirty skin quality to it. Loving it.

  9. Tho looking up the SS10 pictures i see it was more shadows that made her skin that had an earthy quality to it.

  10. Wow! You all take this seriously!? This has gotta be the funniest thing to us EarthFirst! and environmental activists. Like really, this is going to be a joke with these pictures on the basement stairs of so many collective houses here on the West Coast.

    And you are all earnestly reviewing it for its “daring” new place in coulture. LMAO

    Chuette, vraiment chuette. tee hee

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