For One, For All

The year was 1994 and the concept was simple – a perfume for everyone. A simple singular scent that could transcend age and gender and stand out as not just a perfume but as a pop culture moment in and of itself. For anyone who survived the mid 90s, the phrase CK One instantly conjures memories. The stripped down, black and white Meisel campaign is legendary in and of itself. Its eclectic model selection and insouciant vibe represented everything that was cool about the Gen X era.

Fast forward to the present day and the new faces of CK One are every bit as effortlessly appealing. Three generations of models join forces and everyone gets in on the action, Christina Kruse, Jamie Strachan, Coco Rocha, Jamie Burke, Cameron Russell, Sessilee Lopez, Travone Hill and Guinevere Van Seenus are all featured within the all star cast. With the buzzworthy tagline “we are one” tying it all together, we feel the beginnings of another landmark moment.

CK One by Steven Meisel | Scan by Faith Akiyama at tFS

  1. who are all the other models?
    i guess each “group” will have a shot like the first page with coco etc, but i want to know who’s hiding behind the bottle, lol.

  2. I hear that Jamie Burke is settling down to fatherhood and with an older woman too. Surely he will not have time to model

  3. Ive always thought that Cameron Russell (and Marija Vujovic) were the modern day versions of Cindy Crawford.

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