The Face

The age of the campaign exclusive returns, with Lara Stone snagging the fall ads for Calvin Klein Collection, ck Calvin Klein and Calvin Klein Jeans. While the Calvin brand has always been known for its use of signature faces, from Brooke Shields to Kate Moss, Natalia Vodianova and Christy Turlington, this is the first time since Natalia’s reign, that the brand has chosen one face to represent its image across three lines. Given the iconic status of CK’s previous models and Ms. Stone’s seemingly unstoppable world domination, there is no question that Lara will soon be a household name.


Calvin Klein Collection by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

calvin-klein21CK Calvin Klein by Fabien Baron


Calvin Klein Jeans X by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

  1. She gives incredible face. A true number 1.
    but wait a minute, where’s the wedding ring?

  2. Calvin back on track with iconic ads..

    Thank the fashion gods cause they last 4 seasons have been dull.


  3. The last photo looks similar to another photo of Brigette Bardot. I love how simple yet stunning Lara looks.

  4. I like the CK JEANS ad, but I hate the rest. Oh I wish I could adore Lara the way every one else does, but I just can’t see what is so special about her, but I do like her laid back attitude, just not her look.

  5. The Calvin Klein collection picture is STUNNING. It is seriously like iconic already hahaha

    The jeans on is alright, as is the CK [but I prefer the shot with Abbey]

  6. love that they went with Lara, but for me the perfect CK woman (post-Kate) was Jessica Miller; wish they’d stuck with her a little longer

  7. I remember when I couldn’t stand Lara but that all changed w/ her Sept 2009 Vogue Paris cover. That Jeans ad is HOT and the Collection is so simple, doesn’t show much of anything but her face and is still wicked. Good on everyone involved!

  8. Miss Stone really is on the fast track to the iconic. There really hasn’t been a model this influential, on such a wide spectrum, in a long time. So happy for her.

  9. Not a fan of Lara but loving these. She looks skinny in the last photo. Iconic? We will see…becasue CK is changing many models and the most iconic CK model was Kate Moss still.

  10. lara is amazing in pictures. you can do everything with her. so awesome, but she is so awkward on the runway..

  11. Lara is the best one. She’s THE model of the XXIth Century. I like Daria and Natalia but Lara’s got something more. Don’t ask me what.

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