1. ellis remindes me on that actor from film named notebook. rob… tatoos like tylor riggs, or at least very similar. red has excellnet eye for male models.

  2. oh dear, the fashion industry’s current obsession with male models and tattoos continues!
    Rob does have an interesting look but will end up in the bin along with Ash Stymest and Josh Beech as soon as this fad is over.

  3. I like Rob’s face and I think the tattoos add an extra dimension to his look. I’m one of those people who didn’t like tattoos years ago, but I’ve come around and like them now (depending on the person and the tattoos). On Rob, they really work.

    I don’t think it’s a fad. If it is, it’s a really long-running one that shows no sign of going away (which means it’s not a fad). Nicholas Lemons has had them for several years. A truly handsome guy (like Nick and Rob and Ash) is nice to look at, tattoos or no.

  4. Tatoos or not, it’s not fashion… it’s soft gay porn. come on guys… You truly shouldn’t see tats in fashion unless it’s bathing suits or some kind of fashion spread or show with spring/summer gear. This is two guys in a hotel room taking their clothes off…

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