Groundbreaking Beauty


When images of Givenchy’s F/W 10 campaign broke last month in WWD, people immediately wanted to know about the mysterious Lea T, a transsexual who appears alongside top models Mariacarla, Malgosia and Catherine. Riccardo Tisci‘s longtime assistant & former fit model; the reticent Lea (formerly Leandro) breaks her silence in an exclusive interview for this month’s Italian Vanity Fair. The Brazilian who lived as a child in Italy and went to art school in Florence (hence the perfect Italian) bravely goes on the record about her experiences. To Lea and her courageousness; to Tisci and his visionary POV, we salute you.


Lea T for Vanity Fair Italia June 2010 by Karel Losenicky. Images courtesy of Women Milan.

  1. Stunning Beauty. Love the first shot. The second is too commercial and took away her mystique.

    Note to Leah: Don’t smile

  2. She makes a prettier girl than most girls who are born with female parts. Kind of makes you feel bad about yourself.

  3. Only such an agency as Women Milano could rep such a beauty and,after reading Pierro Piazzi’s interview we posted I can tell only a person like him could be the one to do it!!!

  4. she was the best one in givenchy ad & she is breathtaking in the first photo. she is literally writing history. however, if we are critical in general, we have to be critical even now. the first photo is amazing, lea looks like jessica miller in it, but the second one is not good. she looks like a mexican soap opera star… other than that – go lea! can’t wait to see more!

  5. Lea’s couraugeousness is an example for the world.
    Another model,which is the top 10 Newcombers dosn’t have it ……Everybody know she’s a man but nobody talk……
    At least Lea’s coming out is something MAGIC and HONEST!!!
    GO LEA GO!!!!!

  6. ParabĂ©ns!!!!!! Vc. merce Lea-T. VĂ¡ em frente e nĂƒO olhe para trĂ¡s.
    Muito linda e lutadora! Uma modelo visionĂ¡ria dos novos tempos!!!

    CONGRATULATIOS!!!!! Lea, you deserve that. Go ahead and never look back.
    So pretty and a fighter! A visionary top of new times!!!

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