The Bad Education

Numero #114 Miranda Kerr from Greg Kadel Studios on Vimeo

Miranda Kerr, catholic school uniforms and an illicit affair with a nun; thanks to Numero we now know what Greg Kadel‘s fantasies are. The world Kadel creates is teeming with sexuality, religious imagery and revealing ensembles chosen by Patti Wilson. What is amazing is how different the pieces look in this story, versus how they appeared on the runway, that blue Burberry Prorsum number looks phenomenal with the addition of that Erickson Beamon necklace.

On top of everything else, there is also an accompanying video, be sure to check it out above.





Miranda by Greg Kadel | Scans by Carla-A @ tFS

  1. The 4th pic sums it up. She looks like that problem trust fund girl in a boarding school who runs in on a lot of trouble and super hot to get away from it!

  2. She looks like the cuter kid sister of Magda F with blonde hair and bleached eye brow.

  3. STUNNING! haters stay away please… or go attack rosie huntington whiteley who is gonna be in transformers 3 with no acting background. Miranda is both editorially and commercially gorgeous.

  4. most versatile model out there! the first time i saw that face at victoria’s secret i knew she could be high fashion

  5. I think VS models want to break in to high fashion, they need to lose the S pose (boobs and butt out), they need to learn so much on the hunch back notredame pose or body broken angle, to give that high fashion editorial edge. In this editorial, Miranda still have that VS pose head to toes

  6. It’s good to see some changes on her hair and face but she still give the look “I am VS angle and I am damn sexy”

  7. This may not be workin for some of you, but as a huge Miranda Kerr fan I do believe she can do editorial & high fashion work. . . . Just check out her fashion spread in ELLE, shot by Mariano Vivanco. The whole team at ELLE definitely handled Miranda well & did an amazing job showcasing her outside of VS!

  8. Fuel for men´s fantasies, that´s all this is. It´s not about fashion, just sex and I find it disgusting. Poor girls.

  9. I find it funny people criticizing her poses for being too VS. This editorial is named “THE BAD EDUCATION” she is suppose to be the bad, slutty catholic school girl that seduces everyone including the nun. she is not supposed to be broken down edgy robotic ragdoll, at least not for the concept of this shoot. IMO, she rocked it and continue to prove y’all wrong.

  10. This is too raunchy for women’s magazine. The idea is very Maxim, FHM, & Playboy-esque. Didn’t see any fashion edge in it. Miranda is stunning…true but she better sticks around with boobies and ass

  11. ugh! just watched the video portion – terrible music, not impressed with the majority of it… the still pics are much better – or perhaps it’s my imagination that is more pleasing than the interpretation offered in the video.

  12. if the photos of this shoot looked exactly the same but it was someone like… hanne gaby odiele then everyone would love it its just because its someone known to be sexy. peoples reactions to things are so predictable

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