Blonde Ambition

Is blonde the new blonde? From Miranda Kerr as a naughty schoolgirl to Agyness Deyn recently re-blonded to Alessandra Ambrosio as a doll, it looks like golden hair is back in favor for summery days. Here are 3 faces who recently made the switch to the fair end of the color spectrum. What say you about Megan McNierney, Gwen Lu and Martha Streck‘s new tints? What are your hair plans for the summer?




Polaroids: Megan by Derek Dayley for IMG, Gwen by Eric Granwehr for Major, Martha for Women

  1. Martha is blond and black eyebrow now! Its even better.

    You can follow her for news and pics on twitter @marthastreck

  2. LOL @ Blonde being the new blonde. Blonde has always been “in” and I wonder if it will ever go out but I doubt it.

  3. i dont think blond suit gwen very well, she can pull off ads for anna sui,juicy couture, L.A.M.B or harajuku coz she look like japanese street look but high fashion? uh-oh i dont really think so :/