Sex, Love and Fashion

Bruce Hulse by Paolo Roversi, circa 1981 for Vogue Hommes. Bruce Hulse with Nous Model Management LA and DNA Models NY. Video courtesy of Nous LA. To see more pictures and where to purchase the book, check his website:

Bruce Weber, Herb Ritts and Calvin Klein are just some of the iconic names with whom Bruce Hulse has worked. Check out our reviews of the book and the video interview with male supermodel Bruce Hulse, author of “Sex, Love and Fashion“.

Janelle: Male models are rarely known for their introspection. On the contrary, with their rippled physiques and perfect faces male models are often stereotyped as being vapid. One need only look at some of the more unflattering pop culture representations of male modeling (Zoolander, anyone?) to get an idea of the cliches and misconceptions that exist regarding the industry.

Bruce Hulse‘s autobiography “Sex, Love & Fashion” defies the male modeling stereotypes and concerns itself primarily with issues of a deep and heartfelt nature. While the book has been sensationalized as a steamy tell all about Hulse’s relationships with some of the most prominent faces of the early 90s the bulk of the material draws inspiration not from tabloid fodder but instead from Hulse’s complex and interesting life.

Beginning his fashion career under the careful tutelage of Bruce Weber and Calvin Klein, Hulse was one of the most well known and respected presences within the industry. His iconic Calvin Klein ads were plastered on billboards and in magazines but behind the scenes he struggled with not only his career but also his tumultuous personal life. Depression, family and the search for spirituality are all topics that weigh heavy on Hulse’s mind throughout the story.

These moments of personal exploration are perhaps the most interesting portions of Hulse’s tale. While it is exciting to peer behind the scenes of the fashion elite – Hulse doesn’t scrimp on details about well known fashion icons like Calvin Klein and Bruce Weber – those moments pale in comparison to the more intimate details. Hulse’s mother’s battle with depression and his journey towards self discovery are issues that will resonate with readers and give a glimpse into the man behind the perfection.

Betty: As an ex modeling agent, I found Bruce’s biography very absorbing. There was a lot of intriguing insider tidbits about this world that no one knows about unless you are a supermodel, which Bruce most certainly was. His honesty about family problems and his own difficulties grappling with depression during his most successful years are what make his rise to fame ultimately compelling.

There was much talk in the media about the political incorrectness of his kissing and telling, especially as many of the supermodels he bedded are still some of the most recognizable names today. What I found instead was that in many of the instances, many of the supermodels were portrayed as powerful women who took charge of their encounters with Bruce. There are definite moments, though, of complete caddishness from Bruce that made me utterly annoyed with the male gender. Certain subjects like unsafe sex and drug use are tossed into the conversation as everyday occurrences. 25 years later these formerly commonplace events seem taboo and even dangerous.

What WAS delightful was stumbling across random industry names from Didier Malige to Marpessa to Paolo Roversi and the in depth look from the model’s point of view of the machinery of our business. Fascinating also was how so much of the modeling industry has changed in 25 years and how much of it remains the same. For aspiring models and fashion insiders, it’s a must read of one man’s intense journey. For everyone else, read if you want a peek into a fascinating world and complex personality.

See video below of Bruce answering some of our questions.

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  1. how people could be so hipocrite…dont do drugs dot do sex dont drink…pleasee that what this s businnes( n not only this) s all about…is any1 ever going to say a little bit of truth…that one there s onl one miss MOSS…NEVER COMPLAIN NEVER EXPLAIN…btw he was lucky as there were not tons of guy saround like today..he was not even that hot…

  2. My goodness!!!! don’t impersonate truman capote, whose book “In Cold Blood” figuratively killed him ages ago

  3. Take a look at this man. He is in his 50’s and still looks amazing. The modeling industry was so different back then. The male models looked like Greek god’s. Bruce still has it!

  4. Oh Truman, you are a genius. Keep up with the writing. A poet, you are. Really.

    Bruce was and is the real deal. The real male supermodel. GORGEOUS. Read the book!!!

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