Prada Panache

Prada keeps on evolving. Last season’s campaign with industry standards Linda Evangelista and Patrick Petitjean was all about mature refinement but for S/S 09 the brand shifts gears towards a youthful interpretation of luxury. Enlisting the season’s most prominent fresh faces to portray an elegantly coiffed series of sirens makes for an inspiring visual. Viktoriya Sosonkina, Toni Garrn, Ymre Stiekema, Katrin Thormann, Nimue Smit, Sigrid Agren and Giedre Dukauskaite represent everything Prada stands for. Drawing inspiration from ancient stone reliefs and classical art Meisel creates an enthralling vision. With the first picture giving us just a taste of what is to come, we cannot wait to see what else the maestro has up his sleeves.

From left to right: Nimue Smit, Giedre Dukauskaite, Sigrid Agren, Toni Garrn, Katrin Thormann, Viktoriya Sosonkina and Ymre Stiekema by Steven Meisel for Prada S/S 09

  1. i like this campaign much more than the fall 2008. I was kind of disappointed last season because the lace-filled collection was incredible. Spring 2009 is kind of the opposite–love the campaign, not to fond of the collection.

  2. great photography!
    but why must all the models be deathly white?
    the casting leaves too much to be desired…

  3. I’m very dissapointed that as rumoured before Jordan Dunn is not in the ads. Prada is in need of some color.This ad bores.Big Yawn.

  4. I have been holding my breathe too RJ, because I just knew that Jourdan Dunn would be doing Prada SS09. I do, however, like how he used so many fresh faces of 2008.It’s also quite contrary from last season; but WHERE IS JOURDAN!!!

  5. I guess Benneton it ain’t – but I don’t think anyone should feel pressured to add a token ethnic (which they clearly didn’t). If it’s not sincere it looks forced.

    This reminds me of the legendary Versace ads in the 90s.

  6. I only assumd she would be in the ads since she walked in the show last Spring. With all the buzz about her being the first black model to walk for Prada since Naomi Campbell did 11 years ago, we all expected to see her in the ads, I guess. I don’t really think anybody was expecting a “token”., because Prada never uses a “token” anyway.

  7. Beautifully and strong add but my dear friends look ”outside of the box”…We can see world crisis influence on this add:from Linda Evangelista to fresh faces…

  8. @ Eamon: I think Jourdan would have been a great addition with Steven behind the wheel I think it would not have looked forced if there is anyone who would make it work it would have been him..

  9. Bring back Linda!!!

    I thought we were over boring blank faced Eastern European girls. They may have well used 7 pictures of 1 model.

  10. Jourdan was never considered for it, she wasn’t even an option, so i have no idea where that info is coming from. Plus seems like Meisel isn’t a huge fan of her. Steven has a huge say in who gets casted (toni, viktoriya) and who doesnt (freja, hye, etc).

  11. I really enjoy the co-relation between this seasons ads & that of F/W 07 continuing with the glossy saturated hues & stillness of multiple movements.

  12. a sea of white 🙁 i’m dissapionted.. i would like to see some diversity. This is so boring i don’t like it

  13. It’s wrong. The anticipation for Prada is always strong because of its cutting edge style and advertising. But enough! Nowadays, when Prada’s advertising is directed at me, a non-white person, I refuse to me mesmerized by it because I refuse to buy into that whole “whites and blondes are the most beautiful people in the world and thus, they sell better.” I’m Asian and I know better. Does anyone notice that the most popular campaigns so far this upcoming season are Prada and Longchamp? Why is that? Because we’re conditioned to believe that white is the best. If those same campaigns had people of non-European background, those campaigns would get nowhere near the accolades that they are getting now.

  14. I think the ad looks beautiful. I’m also salivating over the hues, and the futuristic, wind blown wetness amidst the implied silence.

    It’s my favorite to date along with Linda and Patrick’.
    As for the “look” of the ad, yes they could have used one girl 7 times but apparently they wanted to have the girls up against each other the way the do.

    This is the first ad thus far, perhaps in forthcoming ads we may see Jourdan or another person of color. I didn’t think we would’ve seen Jourdan in the Prada campaign hot of the runway.

  15. Reevaluating the SS09 Prada ads, I look at the fabric, and the beautiful white, and try to imagine how pretty it would be in contrast. I mean all of the girls in the ad are gorgeous, but what if they really were Jourdan, and Sessilee, Chanel, Kinee, Arlenis, Ubah, Lindsey S., and Ra’el? How amazing that would be. I really wouln’t be surprised to see it happen really soon, especially considering the new girls (Lindsey and Ra’el in particular) exuding such star quality at the spring shows, and Lindsey already in the current DKNY ads. How anxious I am for the SS10 campaigns to drop in the next 2 or month. Lets all cross our fingers! 🙂

  16. PS…………You really shouldnt speak too fast Nastya. Of course your comment was posted months before, but the May 2009 cover of American Vogue speaks for itself. However, it does seems that Mr. Meisel favors Sessilee a bit more.

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